Vital Points To Know About Samsung Galaxy Note 8

Vital Points To Know About Samsung Galaxy Note 8

No doubt that Apple is on the top now, and many companies are now trying very hard to compete with it by introducing new features in their smartphone. At some point, we can say that the best smartphones are not made by Apple, and many other companies are entertaining their customers even better. So let’s start the real talk now after this bitter statement.

Here we are going to talk about Samsung Galaxy Note 8, yes, I know Samsung has introduced a lot of smartphones that are really amazing and packed with new easy-to-use features that customers really adore. The new smartphones by this company are very good in their performance and people really love this brand.

Ever since this series was introduced people literally went head over heels in love of these phones, as they were so different and absolutely user-friendly, so no need to say anything else on it.

We all know that this company is very good at introducing new designs with their new phones, so the same happened this time, the edge was really a big success, as it was different and made us look into the future of smartphones, the edge feature was really cool. Now with Samsung Galaxy Note 8, you get a giant screen, touchscreen and literally you are able to hold the screen in your hands just like you are inside the new world.

This is the first phone by Samsung that will be without bezel design. It means that the screen will literally cover the entire front of the phone, and we all know that Samsung is the first that is able to introduce such feature.

The home button is not there, as you will have to use the home screen for every feature, and this may be a bit annoying but once you are used to it, you will never want to touch any other kind of smartphone and this is the promise by Samsung. You are able to get the finger print sensor with this one as well.

It comes with a new Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 chip set, which is amazing. This has helped in order to boost the performance and battery life of this phone. You can say that this chip set is literally the same size as of the phone. So you are paying your money for better performance and speed of the phone in general.

It has a dual sensor which will make your picture taking experience out of this world. You are able to take high quality pictures in low light areas as well, and it also offers you a wide angle if you are interested in out of the box features.


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