What Are Hermes Birkin Handbag?

What Are Hermes Birkin Handbag?

The Hermes bags are named after a famous singer Jane Brikin and is inspired by the idea given by Hermes. These bags are for personal use to carry accessories and is made from pure leather. More importantly it is a handmade bag with versatile styles and colors. As it is used by celebrities and people from elite class so it has gained a lot of importance everywhere. It is mostly a symbol of wealth and class in fashion industry as well as in local citizens. Most of the celebrities in fashion industry use these bags and for that they are idolized and recognized in the industry.

It is made from exotic skins and the price varies as the kind of material used also varies because the leather is of different qualities and the cost for each is different. But as we know leather may it be of any kind is expensive overall. These bags are unique in a way that they are produced in limited quantities and delivered to specific boutiques owned by Hermes. This process makes these bags exclusive and versatile in all senses. The bags are of different sizes ranging from a small purse to a complete hand bag.

Apart from getting the Brikin bags from the outlets, there is an option to order these bags online according to the choice of the costumer. Many websites have these bags displayed with every option available in different colors, designs, patterns of the bags. This has made easier for the costumer to get it by sitting at home. Prices are also mentioned with every single bag on the website.


As we don’t know how the idea of these bags emerged, so let’s look in to the history behind this idea. It is a story from 1981 when chief executive named Dumas of Hermes was travelling in a flight and in that flight he was accompanied by Jane Brikin. She demanded Dumas to design a bag for her after the things in her bags fell in to the deck of her seat and it led her to replace the things again. Brikin was quite disappointed that she couldn’t find any good quality leather bag she was in need of.

Based on the layout Dumas created in 1982, he designed a bag in 1984 for her which was of supple black leather. She used that bag all the time for quite long and decided not to get another bag no matter how heavy it gets to carry it. Since then the bag gained so much importance that people tried to copy the style of Brikin and ultimately it became a status symbol for all in the society.

Since the idea of Hermes Brikin bags was an old one but not to forget it is still famous now has lower costs in 2015 and still recognized by people. People in Manhattan have started to copy Hermes Birkin handbag and have created similar designs too.


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