What are Patio Ice Chests?

What are Patio Ice Chests?

When it comes to buying a patio Ice chest you will find yourself in somewhat of a quandary as there are such a large selection of different makes and models to choose from. Not only are those that look like the more traditional ice chest of old but there are some really great funky designed ones as well.

But what all these have in common is that they are able to keep your drinks for your next barbecue nice and cool and within easy reach of all your guests on the patio. So there is no longer any need for you to keep diving back into the house to get refills for everyone.

So what sorts of patio ice chest units are available for you to purchase today? Below we take a look at the kinds of models that one can consider purchasing.

Top Loading Steel Patio Cooler Cart

The great thing about this particular model is that it comes with locking wheels which allows for easier movement around the patio or decking area. Plus once you have found a location that is close to everybody but won’t interfere with everybody’s enjoyment the wheels can be locked to ensure that when being opened to get to the drink inside it doesn’t move.

Also as these have been coated with powder using an electrostatic system the quality of the finish on this type of ice chest is very high. In fact the finish is very smooth so it won’t look out of place in your garden on your patio and although it comes in flat pack form the actual assembly of the unit is very easy to undertake.

Cedar Storage Ice Chest

If you are looking for a patio ice chest that not only keeps drinks cool but can be used in other ways this is a really great option to go for. If you require additional seating for when you have a party this can also be used for this purpose and you just need to place some cushions on top to provide your guests with some added comfort. However, do warn them that they will need to stand up when other guests are looking to quench their thirst some more.

Another benefit of purchasing this type of ice chest for your patio is that it can be left outside throughout the year. This is because it is constructed from good quality cedar wood which is very strong and durable. As long as you use a good quality wood protection solution on yours then it should last for many years to come. Plus it certainly won’t look out of place if you put it on to your decking. Please, visit TheReviewGurus for more about ice chests.

Anyone who likes to do a lot of camping, fishing or RVing knows that having a good quality ice chest cooler is essential. Along with this piece of equipment being suitable for keeping beers cool on a hot summer’s day it can also preserve other food items that will perish quickly in the heat.

However, before you go out spending money on this piece of equipment to take camping or fishing there are certain factors that one needs to take into consideration first. In this article, we will take a look at what some of these are and which when kept in mind when shopping for the best ice chest will make sure that you purchase the one that meets your requirements in a perfect way.


Most of the families when they go on a camping trip tend to opt for those cheaper versions of ice chest that are constructed from cheap poly or plastic material. However, in order for the food inside to remain in good condition they will need to be packed with quite a considerable amount of ice as well. Often these will only allow food to remain cool in them for a couple of days and the temperatures don’t remain low enough to prevent food to spoil. Also often within the first half day you will discover that a great part of the ice has melted so you end up with your food in lots of water.

So it is important that for any trips where you will be gone away for more than a day or so to select a model of the ice chest made from a high quality material. This will ensure that the insulation properties are of a much higher grade and so ensuring that the ice you put inside the cooler will last for considerably longer. Also these tend to be a lot stronger so that they last for many years to come as long as they are cared for properly.

How Long Can It Keep Ice Cold For?

When it comes to ice chest coolers you need to look for those that are able to retain ice in its original form for much longer. These types of ice chest coolers will then ensure that the temperature within them is better retained and so making sure that the items inside it can remain cool and fresh for a much longer period of time.


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