What are the Basic Gardening Tools?

What are the Basic Gardening Tools?

The tools that a gardener needs depends on the type of garden he or she grows, especially the size and the elements in it. The grass, hedges, large trees and shrubs need some very specific tools, but today we do not want to talk about the details, and we will focus more on the basic gardening tools that are needed in any kind of garden. If we talk about brands, I like Vremi as it offers a great variety and high quality of products. To ensure if you should buy Vremi products, you can check out more information about Vremi on Google.

Vremi Hand Tools That Will Make Your Garden Work Easier

Hand tools are the most commonly used and essential in any kind of gardening tasks. They serve to carry out the most frequent maintenance work, and in spring or summer are used almost daily, so we will always have them on hand. For me the essential ones are as follows;

Vremi Hand Shovel

Hand shovel is mainly used when you prepare a plantation pit, to dig and fill with substrate, or to fill pots with soil, in general, whenever you have to move earthy material. It is one of the most basic and used manual tools, and there are wider and narrower models according to the purpose.

Vremi Hose

Although all hoses look the same, there are big differences between them that go beyond color and shape. The classical, extensible or spiral, the important thing is that they are made of a material which is resistant, flexible and that supports the twists, withstands the pressure of the water with good connectors of adjustment. Of the different types that exist in the market, the classic ones are usually the most durable ones, although under certain conditions you can use them to collect and occupy little space.

Vremi Gouge

Since I started with the gardening hobby, I learned that the best way to eliminate weeds is to root them out with the help of a gouge. For a long time, I used a simple knife which was always in my tool bag. Later, I discovered the gouge, an elongated tool specifically designed to extract weeds and it greatly facilitates the work for sure.

Of course, in addition to these hand tools, there are many power tools that greatly facilitate the heavier tasks such as pruning hedges or mowing the lawn, which we will discuss in another post in the future. If in our list of the basic gardening tools you miss something that you often use, do not hesitate to tell us and we will also include it.


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