What are the Best Cigar Lighters on the Market?

What are the Best Cigar Lighters on the Market?

In case you are simply getting into smoking cigars, a lighter is a must. The cigar lighter is one of the basic things you will need. Are you smoking cigars for a very long time? If yes, then you will know that it is a must to keep for the cigar lover. The cigar lovers often ask about our most loved cigar lighters. They also ask about our suggestions. Well, we have got some of the cigar lighters which we suggest. These cigar lighters will make an impression wherever you go. These are intended for usability, usefulness and style.

Scorch Torch Triple Jet Flame Butane Torch

This may not be one you have ever known about. It may not be the best-known brand. But, I was cheerful to try it out because my friend suggested me. Prepare to have your mind blown. It is durable and stunning. It can fit in your pocket effortlessly. It looks awesome with that dark matte finish. It is elegant, simple, and incredibly dependable. The flame is adjustable. You can get precisely what you require. It lights up very quickly.

JetLine Super Torch Clear

This is made by Jetline Company which makes some smooth, delightful lighters. The cigar lighter design looks truly mechanical. You can observe the butane in the chamber. It’s an additional expansive chamber. There is one preferred standpoint to the rational design and style. You can see the level of the butane in all circumstances. So you know when you’re running out and need to refill. There’s nothing more irritating than bringing an amazing cigar with an awful lighter. One must use this awesome cigar lighter.

Alec Bradley “The Burner” Table

It is a brand that makes a considerable measure of cigar accessories. The Element is no particular case. This cigar lighter has a quite essential look to it, and it’s a first-rate entertainer. It features a programmed defensive top. It has a window at a side that gives you a chance to keep an eye on your fuel level. It has a cigar punch built-in for double usefulness. The Element puts out a nice and fat fire. It is anything but difficult to light. It’s incredible for accuracy, and the punch is sharp and perfect for most ring gages. Any disadvantages? Indeed, this thing actually blazes hot. This cigar lighter fires directly through your fuel as well.

There are many more top cigar lighters that you need to know about, as they are so much better.

Burning the cigar with the lighter is a quite simple process with clear specific guidelines to follow if you want to avoid a bad burn line. The prescribed method is to hold the cigar between your thumb and forefinger at a 45 degree angle. Hold the lighter below the cigar at a one inch distance, and press the button or slide the wheel. Bring the cigar downwards towards the flame until smoke starts coming out of the cigar upon contact with the tip of the flame. Now rotate the cigar until the flame has reached the whole surface of the cut tip. Take a few puffs to allow unburnt area to catch the heat too and the flame to become uniformly distributed. Torching of the lighter process also depends upon the brand you have. Here I will share with you the best cigar lighter reviews so that you find a good one for yourself.

Xikar 9657 Sl Silver Trezo

Xikar is one of the top leading manufacturers of today’s world. Its products are of best quality. Silver Trezo is available in the market in silver with large fuel windows. Large fuel windows help you in knowing the level of fuel in the burner tank. This burner has large fuel tanks with a large capacity of storing fuel. It is durable but bit expensive. It has fully functional fuel adjustment wheel with slim body and its weight is 5.6 ounce. This product has two outer jets that angle in an inward direction and give you perfect light in any condition.

Alec Bradley ‘The Burner’ Table Cigar Lighter

For those who like to go retro, or for restaurants and bars, the Alec Bradley Burner is an attractive choice. It is a table top cigar lighter that can adorn any table in your house. While the pocket size torch lighters are there for convenience, this also offers value in terms of decoration or something that just looks good on the table. The flame it produces is quite like that of Bunsen burners in school chemistry laboratories, wide and fat. The butane reservoir is of course proportional to the overall size of the lighter, hence is longer lasting.

Electric Lighter-Plastic X Rechargeable USB Lighter

This lighter is different from others in functions; it is rechargeable with electricity no butane or other chemical and fuels are used in it. It is windproof and water resistible. This product has no flame issue. It is easy to carry anywhere and is rechargeable with the help of USB.


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