What are the Functions of a Facilities Manager?

What are the Functions of a Facilities Manager?

Communities are becoming more complex, more extensive and populated, the regulations increase the requirements and make them more dynamic and changing. The need for the figure of the facilities management expert is increasing, but not everyone knows what functions a facility manager has to perform.

The continuous changes in approvals, maintenance, legislation, aid and subsidies do not always have adequate publicity and more and more are left to the hands of qualified administrators and collegiate management of their managers, which must ensure the facilities management of the community with professionalism, seriousness and responsibility. Given this scenario, a doubt opens in many communities of neighbors if they should hire a proefeisnal facilities management company or not.

The position of a facilities manager could be exercised by the president of the community, or for what is nowadays more common, an administrator with sufficient professional qualification to lead a correct management. If in practice it could be exercised without preparation, logic tells us that it must be someone well prepared who can perform it with better expertise.

The facilities manager is a figure that has become relevant in the communities and is an indispensable figure for many, either by the large number of neighbors who live with the consequent complexity or to reduce the responsibilities of the president or avoid the disputes among the homeowners. The facilities manager in turn can also exercise as secretary of the community he represents. The functions of supporting the president in a community are as follows;

  • The secretary holds the community documentation.
  • He receives ownership changes on the property.
  • He closes the minutes with the president.

With the services of a dedicated facility manager, it will allow that there is one person for several tasks for the proper operation of the facility and not someone who will devote only as long as he can.

A professional facilities manager has the respective databases with suppliers that have already been tested over time. The same will happen with the contracted services such as cleaning, surveillance, concierge, maintenance to elevator and the others. The facilities manager will ask the different providers for the adjustments that are deemed relevant in the services.

In summary, when hiring a professional facilities management company, the owners of the same gain quality of life for the reason that they do not have to use their own time for this work or face the personal friction with their neighbors.


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