What are the Mario Character Names?

What are the Mario Character Names?


The flashes are characterized by having very different personalities, some of them becoming candid and servile to others who are rogues and pranksters. The later personality qualities in some of them are to be vague and sparsely active, others to be disproportionate eater or other simply to be talkative. Still and that the most fixed personality in all of them is their tranquility present in the great majority of them although this does not prevent sometimes them getting nervous and excited. Almost all are children of Estela.


Waluigi is the counterpart to Luigi, his rival, as well as Wario’s senior partner and rumored to be his brother. In his first appearance in Mario Tennis, Nintendo 64, Waluigi was presented as a dark and even sinister character, especially in the intro.

The only sounds he uttered were horrible groans and wicked laughter, and his eyes that lit a purple light when he won. However, his recent appearances portray Waluigi rather, as a comic character, often doing nonsense with a frustrated evil look. Although the description of him in Super Mario Strikers when he is chosen to be the captain describes him like a personage with a great badness.


Wario is the counterpart of Mario and a great partner of Waluigi. Wario is an obese man which does not allow him to jump very high. He measures the same as Mario but weighs 95 kg. He has bad temperament, greedy character and sometimes is Mario’s rival, but over time they are discovered to be friends.

Because of his great personality, Wario appears to be very pleasing to the Mushroom Kingdom’s citizens and has also proved very clever as he has helped Mario many times. He often has his own adventures, from treasure hunts to running his company.

Wario has helped the Mushroom Kingdom heroes on as well. He is very obsessed with money, not to mention that he is a little stingy with it.

Bill Bala

He is a very annoying enemy, especially when they go in groups. He is always angry and has no other motivation than being fired from a cannon and go in a straight line. Mario Bros is a game filled with a lot of characters and they are only a few of the major Mario character names.


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