What are the Necessary Laboratory Equipment and Precautions?

What are the Necessary Laboratory Equipment and Precautions?

Are you looking for a guide to chemistry lab equipment? If yes, you are surely at the right place. Here you will get a guide about how to safely use the laboratory equipment. Don’t use the equipment without safety precautions as they may be harmful to you, so you need to protect yourself.

Safety Equipment

Are you new in the laboratory? It will be dangerous for you to work with laboratory equipment, therefore you must guard yourself with suitable caring things. We suggest you to always work with safety and explore the possible safety options. You need goggles, gloves, lab apron and coats before using any type of laboratory equipment.

Working with Chemicals

Functioning and investigating in the field of science often includes handling chemicals, so you have to be very careful and need to use tools and best practices to hold and measure chemicals suitably. Chemicals A-Z, watch glass, weighing paper and toolkit, are what you have to remember as they are used to protect you.

Burners, Hot Plate, Alcohol Lamps

There are many laboratory experiments in which you require a heat resource. Mostly the industries use a standard heat source that is typically a gas burner or Bunsen burner since they work efficiently if we compare to other heating sources. If we talk about alcohol lamps, they are economical and effective but don’t work as efficiently as compared to Bunsen burner and its flame is also low, compared to other burners. Mostly the heat sources used in the laboratory are lab burner, alcohol lamp (wickless), alcohol lamp (fiber wick) and lab hot plate.

Ring Stand Equipment

We do require an additional support for safe and efficient flows as it helps us to do our work easily. You can use rings stands, support rings, wire gauze, clay triangle, clamps, burette, right angle, extension, Lincoln double burette, and many more additional supports available in the market.

Glassware Equipment

Glassware equipment is commonly used in the laboratories such as flasks, test tubes, beakers and graduated cylinders which are used to mix, stir, store and shake chemicals and measure reactions and make solutions.

As a lab worker, you need to know about all the equipment in the laboratory and you need to know all the safety precautions as well so that you do not get hurt since working in a lab is always dangerous.

You can buy all these laboratory equipment online from the online stores and you can also opt for buying used laboratory equipment if you want to save some money.

Tourniquet is an instrument which will help you between difficult situations as there may be a life and bereavement situation which stumbles upon somebody who is bleeding terribly. You may possibly want to make a tourniquet for an appendage as it is a very firm device with flexible and soft strip of material which is enfolded slackly around a leg or an arm and it needs to be tightened helping to control flow of blood at that particular points. There are many precautions to follow when using this equipment as you must ensure that you do not use a narrow strip, cord or wire that might cut your skin and muscle when tightening up. In this article, I will give you guidelines how to use Tourniquet.

Applying Pressure to a Bleeding Wound

Tourniquet is an easy to use tool and its usage on time can save a life, so it is advisable that you learn how to use it properly.

First of all, you need to control the circumstances, stabilize the victim and control him/her flow of blood out. If you are bleeding or someone else, always try to keep the pressure which will help you to stop the bleeding and if the bleeding doesn’t stop, use a tourniquet.

Before using this equipment, check the exact type of wound; if it is bleeding much, look for a clean cloth and clean off the flow of blood, so it will be easy for you to see the abrasion. If there is debris stuck in the injury, don’t touch it as it will hurt. Use a bandage to cover the wound. Before doing this, all you need to use is a pair of medical gloves, so that your hands will not get dirty and infect the wound. Afterwards wash your hands to be safe from germs and infection. If the blood doesn’t stop or you cannot bandage the wounds, you must visit a doctor for better treatment.

There are a lot of other pieces of laboratory equipment, but one of the best laboratory equipment is Tourniquet as it can be used by a common person as well without medical knowledge. Tourniquet can be used at home very easily.

You can buy a tourniquet as it is not so much expensive and it benefits you in a lot of different ways and it helps you to control the bleeding being the best medical equipment in this regard.


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