What are the Steps Involved in the Process of Video Production?

What are the Steps Involved in the Process of Video Production?

Increasingly, the market is becoming more competitive and technologies are more inclusive and make it easier for people to have information in different ways.

The video helps to communicate with your company, with new employees for the training days, to sell products standing out from the competition, to raise the self-esteem of employees by showing in the most professional and creative way the history of company, and in the same way to show the clients, approaching the human part. A project of video production is carried out in in three phases which hare as follows;

  • Pre-Production
  • Production
  • Post-Production

1 – Pre-Production Phase

It starts with a discussion session between video production service provider and its client. This session will detail the personalized requirements for the video production and will jointly define what will end up being the script on which production will be based.

After this project definition meeting, the client can place all his trust in the service provider supervising, whenever he wishes, the progress of work.

From the definition of the script, the service provider puts ‘hands to the work’, writing and translating, with the collaboration of translators, the narration to be spoken in the video where it is necessary.

2 – Production Phase

Once the video production project has been sized, the producers begin to move the threads necessary to make all the ideas of the client. Once the scenarios are located, both the technical and artistic staff needed for each project and the technical team that can best get a feel for to the requirements of the client, can begin filming.

In the filming, the makers will acquire the images and sound necessary for the video, always taking into account as the criteria of capture, the latest aesthetic audiovisual trends of the moment.

In this phase of video production, they will record the narration of the video in a professional recording studio with the voice artist, chosen by the client.

At the end of this phase, you already have all the necessary original material in tape and optical support to start the editing process.

3 – Post-Production Phase

The video maker and editors receive all the material of the recording and, once digitized, they begin to work with it. The material is edited until obtaining a professional work with the satisfaction of the client.

In the project definition phase, a date is determined for a follow-up work meeting during the post-production process. This vision of the work done will allow the customer to reorient the product, if necessary, without having to delay delivery times. The final product is converted in the requested format for delivery by the client.


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