What are the Symptoms of Crystal Meth Addiction Abuse?

What are the Symptoms of Crystal Meth Addiction Abuse?

Methamphetamine or crystal meth is an illicit stimulant that triggers an addictive dependence faster than other drugs of its kind. With the capacity to be “cooked” or prepared for distribution in any residential household, methamphetamines are especially dangerous due to their high availability and relative affordability in comparison to other addictive stimulants. Individuals who use meth can become addicted to it after one use, and it is especially difficult to stop using without meth dependence rehab treatment. Crystal meth addiction abuse can only be stopped through proper and professional assistance, but there is hope.

If your loved one is struggling with or suspected of suffering from crystal meth addiction abuse, you may feel lost. The disease of addiction is a murky one to attempt to wade through without a professional addiction expert’s help. Your loved one’s personality and behaviors may have changed through crystal meth addiction abuse, but they can be restored to sanity through crystal meth addiction treatment.

Stimulants are drugs that provoke heightened responses from the user’s central nervous system, as well as provide the user with intense feelings of euphoria and pleasure immediately after use. Meth highs can last anywhere from 8-12 hours, depending upon the potency of the meth used and the amount ingested. This rush of euphoria is coupled with a dangerous aftereffect of the user left craving more crystal meth when the effects begin to subside. This vicious cycle of the chronic use of meth after coming down after the initial high is what leads to crystal meth addiction abuse.

One should never attempt to overcoming crystal meth addiction on their own. Medical risks are associated with withdrawal from crystal meth as well as the likelihood of relapse goes up exponentially when abstinence is attempted in lieu of crystal meth dependence addiction treatment. For the concerned family member or loved one, there are signs of crystal meth addiction that you can look for in your loved one who you suspect may be addicted to meth:

  • Weight loss
  • Physical appearance deterioration
  • Heightened physical movements
  • Agitated or paranoid demeanor
  • Tooth or gum decay
  • Sleeplessness or insomnia
  • Extreme hyperactivity

If your loved one is displaying any of the signs of methamphetamine abuse, your best option in helping your loved one is to reach out to Addiction Solution’s methamphetamine addiction abuse treatment program coordination team. Our team of experts can help place you in a meth dependence rehab treatment center that best caters to your lifestyle and needs.

The toll that meth addiction takes on the user is horrifying both physically and mentally. The crystal meth addict suffers not only an internal physical deterioration due to chronic meth abuse but a depleting of mental and cognitive capabilities from meth abuse. Symptoms of meth addiction that warrant methamphetamine dependence addiction treatment:

  • Inability to function without meth
  • Obsession or preoccupation with use
  • Severe weight loss and personality changes as a result of meth abuse
  • Legal, personal, or otherwise unmentioned consequences that result from meth use and addiction
  • Feelings of being ashamed of the abuse
  • The inability, despite attempts (or apathy towards attempting) to stop using meth

You need to reach out to a quality meth dependence rehab treatment program to increase your or your loved one’s chances of successfully living without the use of meth infinitely. You don’t have to attempt this journey toward sobriety and a life without meth abuse alone.


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