What are the Types of Baby Crib Mattresses?

What are the Types of Baby Crib Mattresses?


It is also a highly breathable synthetic material that adapts to the baby’s body, relieving pressure and reducing agitation during sleep. It incorporates a viscoelastic layer containing a high degree of high density gel particles that delay the absorption of heat, creating an optimal resting environment, and it evacuates the moisture and maintains an adequate degree of oxygenation.


Latex is a natural material that is made from the resin of the rubber tree. It contributes to keeping the baby’s temperature stable for the reason that it is a material resistant to changes in the environmental conditions.

Its structure of micro alveoli of thousands of open cells together with its multiple perforations make it a highly breathable. Breathability of the crib mattress is a highly important when you buy it. To read breathable crib mattress reviews, please visit babybedtimebliss.com/breathable-crib-mattress

Its flexibility and adaptability guarantee a perfect anatomical support since it follows the forms and accompanies the movements. Being a natural material, latex requires some special care to prevent the mattress from deteriorating. It must be used on a slatted base or perforated plank to allow a constant ventilation of the mattress.

Aerate the mattress once a month, leaving it without covers and sheets for 10-15 minutes. Turn over once a month so that the material recovers all its properties. It can be done the same day you air it, so it is more comfortable and everything is done at the same time.

Coco Fiber

It is a 100% natural and ecological material. It also provides optimal breathability and aeration. In addition, it does not retain moisture and it is anti-mite in a natural way. It has a great resistance, elasticity, isolation properties and it is hypoallergenic.

Bonell Springs

It is independent springs made of carbon steel in the shape of an hourglass, joined together by steel wires. It provides a wonderful combination of the flexibility and firmness in addition to its high stability. It possesses the optimum firmness for the baby and creates an air chamber in the center of the mattress, favoring its perspiration. It also has a perimeter reinforcement. It has a face of breathable 3D fabric for the summer seasons, and a face with winter fabric to keep the heat better on colder nights.

Pocket Spring

The system of pocket springs uses the springs bagged by rows individually. As the springs are individually bagged, each element is independent and flexible, so that the anatomical adaptation to the baby’s body is optimal.

The bag for each spring is made of a thin and resistant material that allows a greater air circulation, which provides climate regulation reducing the risk of CO 2 accumulation.

The system of pocket springs adapts to the baby reducing the pressure points because each spring works separately according to the pressure exerted on it.


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