What Can Encourage Parents Hewitt Home Schooling?

What Can Encourage Parents Hewitt Home Schooling?

1. Efficiency of learning

Possibility of learning in free mode. The child does not need to adapt to other guys, rush or, on the contrary, wait. You can stretch the learning process, or vice versa, go through the program of several classes in one year. The distribution of the load helps to assimilate the material better. Children develop an active cognitive activity, craving for new knowledge. Learning is fun.

2. Quality

When a child finds information himself, studies the material from different sources, the subject is remembered much better and better. Less fragments and gaps, knowledge becomes more solid. Parents can correct the shortcomings of the hewitt home schooling curriculum, choose textbooks and materials for learning, teachers and tutors themselves.

3. Deep Learning

Ability to devote more time to subjects that are interesting. You can start learning special subject’s earlier – rare languages, art, architecture, music, etc.

4. Independence

The child will learn to distribute time independently. Rely only on yourself, on your own strengths and capabilities, because it will not be possible to peep or write off.

5. Additional activities

You can professionally play sports, music, dance, art, programming and much more. Don’t worry about missing classes. The child has diverse interests, you can try yourself in different activities. Moreover, these are places of additional socialization.

6. Forming your own opinion

The guys who study at home, oddly enough, communicate more freely, they are not clamped. They have fewer complexes. They not only have their own opinion, but also know how to defend it. These children most often do not look back at the reaction of others when they form their own position, but appreciate this right from other people.

7. Strengthening family relationships

Closer bonds between parents and children. More time can be spent together. Parents show by example how knowledge and skills can be applied. It is also upbringing in the traditions familiar to the family, which is especially important if the family belongs to an ethnic minority or a religious community.

8. Protection from bad influence

Excluded violence from teachers and peers. No conflicts with teachers and classmates.

9. Health

Education takes place in a gentle home environment, the risk of hewitt home schooling injuries, posture and vision problems is reduced. The absence of the harsh experience of spending many hours in a spontaneously formed children’s team has a gratifying effect on their mental and physical health.

10. Ability to travel

You are not tied to one place. You can study anywhere: outdoors, in the countryside, in other countries. Travel, see the world, and communicate with different people, study history and geography in practice.


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