What Does A Richard Schooling Give A Person?

What Does A Richard Schooling Give A Person?

Does a person really need a school? This question is beginning to be asked by more and more people on Earth. Some countries even transfer children to home, individual education, giving them the opportunity to communicate with the teacher one-on-one. Is it good? Is the school really outdated as a junior institute of education?

I’ll make a reservation right away, I just want to think with you and find obvious pluses and minuses in modern school education and I don’t set myself the goal of dissuading you of anything. You must make all decisions in your life on your own, based on your desires and, most importantly, your capabilities.

School of modern man

It cannot be clearly stated that the school is the same for everyone. This, of course, is not true. Different countries organize richard schooling in different ways. If in the countries of the former Soviet camp education at school is based on the Soviet prototype, then in the USA it is a different type of school, in Japan it is radically different, and so on. But we will try to talk about the school as a phenomenon, and not be distracted, if possible, by competitive examples. What is a modern school?

  • This is a social institution that deals with the adaptation of a person to aggressive environmental conditions.
  • School develops thinking and love for science in a person
  • School suits a person’s future fate

Without a school, it is impossible to find a good job (in about 99.9% of cases), go to university and devote your life to science. School is like a ticket. If you have this ticket, you can go further, if not, the path is closed for you.

This, in part, is a sad truth, because some children do not have the opportunity to finish school, thus their future fate is a big question. But this is a topic for a separate discussion.

What does a school give a person?

In fact, the school is not so important in terms of knowledge, as such. You can often meet people who studied for triples and deuces, but realized themselves in life and vice versa. How so?

The school gives a person the skill of communication, the skill of overcoming difficult and stressful situations and expanding the worldview. Specifically, science at school is necessary for the university, for everything else it is a priority: broadening one’s horizons, communication skills, skills to deal with stress.

School is a kind of “army” for children, where they learn basic life skills. But here lies one problem – the school is not focused on this. The school is trying to drive knowledge (mathematics, physics, etc.) into the child’s head, which, in principle, is not so necessary for him. If the school initially gave the child the opportunity to learn vital skills, then richard schooling would be much more productive and children could consciously choose their future professions and, as a result, would more often realize themselves in life.


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