What is a Reloading Press

What is a Reloading Press

Reloading press is all about the techniques, time, labor and saving of money. Yes, you can save thousands of dollars from it but on initial bases you have to invest a good amount in buying good quality reloading press kit but it is beneficial for longer life span.

Reloading is the process loading ammunition and assembling the components manually. It is refurbishing and reloading of bullets which are already used. When a bullet is fired it is damaged due to explosion but its cases are reusable and they are refilled with gun powder and reshaped.

Reloading Press As Dollars Saver

Buying new factory ammo is not a good idea because a big number of bullets are needed in hunting, practicing and shooting. So going for factory ammo each time is the waste of money. One can save a big amount by avoiding buying of new ammo. Hulls cartridge cases are costly but they are reusable. When a bullet is fired its powder is burnt but its cases are saved. Sometimes explosions cause minor changes in hulls or cases which can be dangerous if not handled properly.

Reloading Press As Long Life Span

Reloading press is costly but it can saves money in future. Buying press is a good idea for present and future too. The cost of reloading press can be recovered after few months but buying factory ammo each month is costly and the better idea is to make your own ammo kit.

Proper Knowledge And Skills Of Operating Reloading Press

In the process of reloading one must have basic and proper knowledge of it. It is helpful and saves money but it can cause many problems too. If it is not handled properly it can cause damage to you. While working one must be fully focused and have patience.

Choose Product According To Your Needs

Different reloading press have different feature which are from simple to complex. Stop spending huge amount on expensive press if your needs are filled with simple ones.

Some reloading presses are simple and easy to maintain but they are energy and time consuming. Some have limited working abilities and stops working on multi steps and give limited results. In some cases they are expensive and highly weighted. The chances of powder leakage are also there, in some cases they need big space to be fit.  Some reloading presses have automatic reloading system which is easy but adjustment is difficult in some cases. In the market different models of reloading press are available with unique functions now it depends upon you and your needs. Prefer to buy those products which are suitable according to your needs and cheap in price.

You must be aware with the functions of the products, know its pros and cons then make decisions. Improper knowledge and unskilled handling can damage the product and it can hurt you too. Manual books are available with each equipment read them properly and note instructions, it will help you in troubleshooting.

When you are willing to find one for your use, make sure that you go through the best reloading press reviews.

There are four basic types of reloading, which are single stage, turret reloading press and progressive reloading press and shot shell press. In single stage and turret reloading press single step is done at a time but in progressive all steps are done at a time. Here is the list of four best reloading presses in the years of 2016.

  1. Hornady lock N Load
  2. RCBS Rock Chucker 
  3. Lee Breach Lock Challenger kit
  4. Lee precision

1 – Hornady Lock N Load As Progressive Nature Of Work

This reloading method is progressive means all steps are done at a time. It has ability of reloading about 500 bullets in one hour. This machine is good and can last for long life span under proper maintained conditions. This machine is not easy to use; it has complex system with high cost. 

The Features of Hornady Lock N Load

  • Progressive reloading system
  • Automatic in performance: all happens at a time without external interferences.
  • Bushing System: it has five bushing system through which dies can be changed at rapid pace,
  • Case activated powder drop
  • Automatic indexing system
  • Lock N load with fast change of meter inserting 

2 – RCBS Rock Chucker

This press is different from progressive but it is popular in its users due to its features. This is single stage reloading press and it includes a complete kit of all necessary items which are required during reloading.

The Features of RCBS Rock Chucker

It has following features;

  • Low in price
  • Single stage process
  • Full kit of equipment
  • Have life time span
  • Easy to handle
  • Simple in functions
  • Lyman Reloading Press

3 – Lee Breach Lock Challenger kit

This machine is single stage with O frame. This press comes with a complete powder handling kit.

The Features of Lee Breach Lock Challenger kit

  • 11 auto prime shell holders
  • Kit with breech lock challenger press and one breech lock quick change bushing
  • Lee safety scale
  • Primer pocket cleaning tools.

4 – Lee Precision

Lee precision is single stage press with O form of frame to work. It is easy to move from one place to another and had a wide opening in it.

The Features of Lee Precision

It possesses the following features;

  • Low price
  • Single stage
  • Stable and durable
  • Good for beginners
  • Digital scaling system

I am sure that you must have found some help from my reloading press reviews.


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