What is Hope and What are Its Benefits?

What is Hope and What are Its Benefits?

Hope occurs when we want and believe we can achieve anything we want. It is a positive attitude that can bring us many benefits. Therefore, if you are a person who usually has little hope, maybe it is time to do something to increase it.

The Benefits of Hope

Better Results

People who have hope tend to do better in everything they do. Hope impels us to act and helps us make decisions and keeps us motivated and going.

More Positive Emotions

Hope is accompanied by positive emotions like excitement, happiness or confidence and makes us kind and friendly with others. The lack of hope, however, is associated with lethargy and negative emotions and less likely to achieve our goals.

More Fulfilling Lives

People with more hope feel less stressed when faced with obstacles, and they are better able to overcome those obstacles and achieve their objectives. This makes their lives enriched and more complete. Hopelessness impoverishes the lives of people because they try to make things less and have less experience, bringing more empty lives.

The Components of Hope

Hope consists of several components. If you know them and consider, you can work on them to increase your level of hope when you see you if any component is missing.


The first component is goals that people set. If you do not believe you hope, it is not worth trying anything and such people do not set any goal, so that they do not even try. So if you want to increase your level of hope, start setting goals to achieve in your life.


Secondly, people devise ways to achieve those goals. That is, the ‘routes’ that will lead you towards your goals. People with high levels of hope are not only better able to devise such routes, but are also better able to devise alternative routes when the initial fail. Instead, the lack of hope makes you less able to think of ways to achieve your goals and increase the likelihood that leave the slightest obstacle. Hope helps you to face obstacles because you hope to achieve your goal in one way or another, and you think you will succeed in the end; it only takes more effort, have faith and trust. This, by itself, will greatly increase your chances of success.


The third component relates to the ability of a person considered to have to achieve the goal set by the routes devised. It consists of a self-talk used to create the necessary motivation to move forward and be successful. For example, ‘I’ll do what I thought and I am sure I will get it. I think it’s a good plan and I’m making good decisions. I will push myself and make it happen.’

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Hope in itself can be very beneficial and increase your levels of success in everything you do, but what if your hope is slacking? Here are some keys to increase it.

1 – Review Your Goals

If you have been struggling to achieve something without reaching it, you can feel hopeless. And it may be time to set new, realistic and achievable goals. Perhaps your past goals were unrealistic, but now you can use what you learned from those failures to establish better goals. Think about your specific circumstances given your current circumstances, what positive things you can hope to achieve. This will help you set realistic goals.

2 – Surround Yourself with Positive and Hopeful People

If people around you are pessimistic and negative, they will bombard you with destructive comments like

  • You cannot do it, it’s very complicated.
  • It is not worth it.
  • It is now very bad time.

These all will comments be thwarting all your efforts. It is preferable to try something and fail rather than not try anything because failure will help you learn to do better in the future. People from whom you can have most help are positive and realistic, and they take your projects seriously, give you a vision of hope and good advice on the best ways to achieve your goals. You do not want to be among the pessimistic people or people who take it lightly and say that your plans are not good enough even if you tell them that you intend to earn a million dollars a month. In addition, the hope is learned. If you surround yourself with people with high levels of hope, they will make a positive impact on your good attitude.

3 – Generate Alternative Routes

There are many ways to achieve a goal. If one of them fails, look for alternative routes rather than giving up too soon. Sometimes it takes several attempts to reach a goal. Remember this when your hopes are slacking.

4 – Generate Positive Emotions

What happens when an obstacle comes in your way? When your attempts to achieve something are frustrated? When everything seems wrong? You can consider those moments as a kind of test. If you react with being anxious, fearful, depressed, with fits of anger or ultimately with negative emotions, you are not going on the right track at all.

These obstacles, frustrations or bouts of bad luck can teach valuable lessons, since you can use to change and learn to maintain a positive mood even before the adversities. It is very easy to feel good, be optimistic and hope when everything goes well. The difficult thing is to keep hope when things start to go wrong. But it is precisely at those times when you practice and try to generate positive emotions. It is not to fool yourself and say that everything will be solved magically, but trust your ability to solve problems and only then you will achieve to keep your hope alive.


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