What is Meant by Wi-Fi Hacking?

What is Meant by Wi-Fi Hacking?

In early days, hacking is meant by the work of professionals who is skill programmer expert in IT system. All the programmer of C+ or HTML was being called hacker and their work is prefer as hacking. But as the evolution of time, these types of programmer are known about the information of getting password or spreading virus of other’s system. So term of hacking is also changed as the passing of time. They’re all software maker and helps people to provide update version and give efficient work. But nowadays, hacking term is also used for working of hacker and hacker’s purpose has been changed completely. Nowadays hacking means that an expert of computer system or HTML programmer can interfere, interrupt, spread virus, steal privacy, password or build pirate software all are included in the term hacking.

Mostly hackers developed many type of virus which interrupt system. They used many type of hacking tools which get password of ID or WiFi. Some people do that for making money or some of them just for fun. People who does hacking for the earning money, they are more dangerous as compared to another hacker. Because sometimes, they become dangerous blackmailer who hack the ID of some person, steal their personal stuff and start blackmailing them. Some of them hack the system of bank, this is includes in new type of bank robbery. But these all types are included in cyber crime which has law like another crime. No matter which type of hacking are done by hacker and which type of purpose the hacker has. But hacking is completely harmful for target. Different types of hacking are mentioned below;

Hacking FB ID

This type of hacking is very famous and every person want to hack fb ID. There are many reasons to hack fb ID such as parents want to watch out that which activities are doing their children, girlfriend or boyfriend want to watch out their partner activities and offcourse husband or wife also want to hack for same purpose. Some people do that just for fun. Or some people stealing personal stuff like photos or capture screenshots of personal messages and start blackmailing of owner of ID. Many types of fb ID tools are available in online market.

Computer Hacking

This type of hacking we’re getting, hacking of small system or PC. Hacker will leave the virus on computer system through USB or another tools and start corrupting the files or network of system. Some virus are so dangerous that users can’t recover their data after removing virus. Some hacker are used this method by copying the files or information of that computer.

WiFi Password Hacking

This is most easy and popular hacking method that everyone can easily hack. Many hacking tools are available in market which helps to recover password of WiFi. There are many hotspot of WiFi near to you. People want to hack WiFi password for using free of cost WiFi. This is very easy and safe hacking method which everyone can use after downloading its hacking tool.

Hacking Huge System

Hand you ever seen in movies that hacker are involved in robbery who hacks the traffic system or any system which has huge data base. This type of hacking are included in cyber crime. Much expert people can hack huge system of hacking which is based on super computer or Main-Frame computer system. These types of system have two or more clients usually used in big organizations. To know more about wifi password hack, make sure you visit more authority websites.


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