What is Medical Equipment?

What is Medical Equipment?

Health is a great blessing. Without health nothing can be accomplished. There are times when we offer face a medical problem. This is when we have to consult a physician for a medical treatment. The doctor cannot come up with helpful conclusion unless he gets the clear picture of the physical conditions of the patient. This can be only done if the patient is thoroughly checked and a comprehensive report on all aspects is provided. This is done through specialized equipment known as the medical equipment.

Medical equipment is also referred as armamentarium. The medical equipment is created in such a way that it can be helpful to carry out the necessary medicinal procedures including diagnosis, monitoring or treatment of medical conditions. Medical devices offer need a properly done calibration, maintenance, repair, user training and decommissioning. For all such activities specialized individuals are required that are known as clinical engineers. Medical equipment is different from one another depending on the nature of diagnosis and the kind of treatment depending on the severity of the disease and the urgency of rehabilitation after the disease or injury. The equipments are used either individual or sometimes in combination with other devices. Such combinations include any specialized accessory, consumable or some specialized piece of medical equipment. Medical equipment does not include the medical devices that are implantable, disposable or for a single-use only.

Medical equipment is used for extending medical services to a patient.  It is the responsibility of the Department of Clinical Engineering that the record of medical equipment being used in a hospital is maintained and checked from time to time.

Keeping in view their different uses and functions they are classified into following types:

  1. Diagnostic equipment is the set of machines and tools that are used to help in the diagnosis of the health problems. Such equipment generally includes the devices used in radiology department.
  2. Treatment equipment are used after completing the diagnosis. They are used to treat the patients in various diseases.
  3. Life support equipment helps in supporting the physical activities of the patient. They are helpful in the emergency situations.
  4. Medical monitors permit the medical staff to study the physical condition of the patient. These monitors are used to study the time to time parameters of the patient that cover ECG, EEG, and blood pressure.
  5. In order to get the complete picture of the anatomy, some tests are conducted in the laboratories. They help in studying blood, urine, genes, and dissolved gases in the blood.
  6. Diagnostic Medical Equipment is easy to use equipment. It can be operated at home without any particular training. The diabetes apparatus is used to check the symptoms and signs of diabetes.
  7. Therapeutic equipment helps the physically weak patients like those suffering from paralysis. These machines help the patient through motion and temperature changes. They are also known as continuous passive range of motion (CPM) machines

In order to keep the machines fit and fine a biomedical equipment technician (BMET) is essential member of the hospital. They have to keep a close eye on the working of the machine.

Medical equipment is very important for a health care centre. If you are a doctor and looking forward to start your health care centre then it is highly important to acquire the best quality medical equipment for the health of your customers. The medical centre must have all the facilities to give proper diagnosis and treatment.

There are number of manufacturers that are known for making different types of medical equipment. There is amazing difference in both the quality and prices of the products that are manufactured. If you want to get a precise and longer lasting equipment, you should look for only the high quality equipment. Therefore, before you empty your pocket for getting best, it is important to search for the best equipment by the most preferred suppliers. 

When you are heading a medical research center, hospital, or a pharmacy, it is essential that you have reach to the right equipment. This is important because multiple equipments are required for diagnosis, treatment and medical research. Thus, it is better to consult the people who have been through the procedure earlier and have some experience of dealing with the equipment. This can help a great deal in choosing the equipment according to the experience of those who have already worked with these. The major aspects of the equipment to be considered while purchasing the medical equipment are as follows;

  • Always check with the level of satisfaction of the customers who are already using the equipment by a specific supplier. The mist preferred ones have a long list of the satisfied customers. They reputation is maintained according to the pre buying and post buying services. The reputable suppliers are careful about the security and safety measures of the equipment and a security clearance tag attached to it. 
  • It is very important to consider the cost of the surgical equipment. The cost of similar products varies with manufacturer and the supplier. The cost also varies with the purchasing points also. Many sellers add the commission in the services too at the time of purchase. It is not important how much you are paying, the important thing is what you are getting. It is important to get something good in return of your payments. 
  • Follow “no compromise on quality” strategy to ensure getting the best products. Just like other qualities, the quality also varies with the supplier and manufacturer. Always check the working and the user manual before buying the product. You should also check the quality of equipment. There are many suppliers and the quality of their product may vary and so do the prices. If you are interested in accurate and long lasting products, you should only choose high quality ones. The quality is ensured through the license and certification of the health department. Warranty is also there to ensure the best working through the outstanding quality.
  • Every equipment needs after sales service facility. Heavy usage and lack of care can damage the equipment anytime. At the time of purchasing ask about everything that can help in the after use services including warranty and guarantee. Be clear about the service centers, nature of service and the charges. Some even offer replacement of any damaged part. Hence, after analyzing all these elements choose the manufacturer and suppliers that own the product even after you buy it.

With growing e-business opportunities online shopping is becoming very common. Many reputed stores are offering products in the comfort of your place. The mode of shopping is easy, convenient but still needs a lot of perfection. The comparison of the products is also offered hence, it becomes easier to purchase.


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