What is the Best Character in Mario Bros?

What is the Best Character in Mario Bros?


She is the princess of the Mushroom Kingdom, and lives in her castle surrounded by the dozens of Toads. She likes the pink color and make cakes for Mario and the company. She is the ‘kidnapped princess’ since she is always kidnapped by Bowser or any of her minions. But she has not always been so, since in Super Princess Peach, she takes the role of protagonist and goes to the rescue of Mario, Luigi and the Toads. She is sweet, kind, intelligent and passionate and does not miss any party, especially of Mario and his friends.


Princess Daisy is the princess and ruler of Sarasaland, which is composed of 4 kingdoms called as Chai (place where Daisy Castle is located) Birabuto, Easton and Muda.

She is in love with Luigi, who is her partner. Daisy is known for her special skills often dealing with flowers. As such, her personal emblem is often depicted with yellow, orange, turquoise flowers.

She is very friendly with Peach, who, in counterpart with Peach, knows how to defend herself very well and does not need to be rescued. She always encourages the parties.


Luigi is Mario’s younger brother who is frightened by the ghosts, but has qualities very different from those of his brother. He is friendly and very helpful and the most humble one. He is in love with Princess Daisy, who is his right hand.


Another super Mario princess, Rosalina is the princess of the Cosmos and mother of the Small Flash. She is a fighter woman who maintains the peace in the space and tries that there is no disasters. She set along with Peach and Daisy very well.


He is the most helpful and loyal Toad of all, that is why Peach loves him so much, although sometimes he is afraid of many things. It is a humanoid mushroom but can remove the top of his head as if it were a cap. It is something that has only been seen in the animated series.

Master Kinopio

Master Kinopio is an old Toad and the caretaker of Princess Peach since she was a baby. He appeared for the first time in Super Mario Sunshine, as an almost tertiary character, but reappeared in the games like Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time, in Mario Superstar Baseball as a playable character and in Mario & Luigi: Bowser’s Inside Story.


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