What is the difference between a College and University?

What is the difference between a College and University?

One of the first questions that international students who want to study in the US ask is what the difference between a university and a college is. In many cases even the Americans use the terms of university and college as if they were the same, since the difference is small. Perhaps it is more important to know what a community college is and what careers are progressive in US.

What is a College?

A college is a higher education institution dedicated to undergraduate studies. Having completed the credits in four years, the students are awarded with as BA or BS.

What is a University?

It is a superior academic institute where the students can study to receive undergraduate degrees i.e. BA and BS, and Master and doctorate degrees. A university is huge and could be public or private.

What are Professional Colleges?

US careers as law or medicine are studied in professional colleges after obtaining a BA or BS. Therefore, it requires graduation and then you can apply and be admitted into a professional college.

Note that applying for admission to a university or college is a complex and lengthy process, so you have to be well prepared when you intend to take admission in a college or university.

For International Students

International students need a visa to study in the US. To obtain the required admission, they should previously have been admitted by an academic institution. But they will need to have demonstrated knowledge of English, usually taking the test known as TOEFL and get a good score.

They need to prove they have sufficient either own or parents or economic resources or have obtained a relevant scholarship. Keep in mind that universities also allocate money to merit or athletic scholarships. Finally, you need to validate the studies in your country to get it done.

Sometimes all you want is to practice English and spend a few months in the United States. For these cases, some programs of exchange visitor visa can be a very good option. The options are varied ideally suited to the needs and desires of the student.

Tips for Students

Once you have the visa, you must do everything possible to avoid falling into behaviors that can put you at risk of cancellation. Some activities such as getting fake high school diploma to trick the admission committee or smoking marijuana may not be seen as serious by the students, but the fact is that from the point of view of migration, it can cause a major issue.


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