What is WhatsApp and Role of WhatsApp Status?

What is WhatsApp and Role of WhatsApp Status?

WhatsApp can be downloaded at any device, and the best thing about it is that it is completely free and over 8 billion people are using it, so you can know how useful it is and what benefits you can get while using this famous app.

Any person can use it, all you have to do is simply use the internet download it and use that. With WhatsApp, you can also create different groups, and contact. With all this you can easily block any person. The profile can also be easily made on WhatsApp. You can also use an image in order to show people who you are with the option of placing a name and the number on your profile as well.

In this era, we all know the importance of staying connected and communication these days. There are many different ways that can be used for communication; some of them are SMS and MMS services. But right now with the advancement in technology, man is easily capable of connecting to each other by different means that are e very easy such as pictures and data can be easily shared between 2 devices. If we talk further about it, using WhatsApp is also a new trend that is surely here to stay now. No doubt that with the help of WhatsApp, there is so much you can do very easily. You must also have a good WhatsApp status that you can use in order to tell the world what you are thinking, and how you like to manage things around yourself.

In WhatsApp status, you can simply share videos, messages and pictures. Now you don’t have to worry about the signals of network as you can easily contact any person who is also using WhatsApp by simply using internet connection even at very low availability, and with this it will cost you very low.

When you are using WhatsApp, it is really good that you use a status, just consider a status for Facebook, and like the same you can use a status here too. There are many different kinds form which you can select, but the best thing to do is always choose something that is very less in words to define your personality at better level.

Some of the common kinds of WhatsApp status are romantic, funny, personality, attitude, cool, local language, nice, decent, quotes, inspirational, political, fan-based, girly and so many more. So at the time of selection, make sure that you are doing it right. Even if you have not made the right choice, don’t worry at all as there is always the option of changing your status any time.

If you are living in this era, there is no way that you would not be using WhatsApp. When you are using WhatsApp, you know that you have done yourself a favor by choosing this app, as there is so much more to it than just sending messages. Not only it is a very cheap alternative to the normal texting system but also this is very helpful for making instant connections such as you can call on WhatsApp and you don’t have to wait for any network as you can use this app by completely depending on the internet connection that you have.

It is very important to use a status on it also, as it can easily describe your personality all you have to do is simply choose a status and make that on your app. There are different ways to change your status, and it all comes in when you are using WhatsApp on any specific device, as the difference in mobiles and other devices differ from one another in many different ways, so you must know how to change the status when you are willing to do so.

First of all, you have to install WhatsApp on your phone or on the device you are currently using. After that you will have to go the settings, or on your profile. From there you can see the option of change my status, or there will be your old status, simply tap on that and you can easily see a new window in which you will be able to add new words, and here you can easily change the status. The good thing is that you can easily change your status on any day you like, as this is just like updating your Facebook status but using WhatsApp is far better than Facebook as it is easy and there is no extra fuss.

Here I suggest you some very exciting kinds of status that you can use, so you must know that you have to choose one that can suit you, and don’t try to copy anyone else, the best way is to come with your own idea as that can easily separate you from others that you already have in your contact list.

Romantic Status

It is best if you consider that you have a romantic personality, and you can also write anything on your own in this form.


If you are willing to inspire people about the good things in life, and are willing to add positivity in your life you can choose it. This will surely cast a very positive effect on people that are added in your contact list.

There are many other kinds of status from which you can choose, but if you are trying to make new statement, you can choose a phrase of your own style and update and it will surely make you happy.


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