What To Consider When You Buy A New Bag?

What To Consider When You Buy A New Bag?

Consider Your Own Style

Before we go to buy your bag, you we must think about your lifestyle and choose the bag that is not only of suitable color or morphology but also comfortable for you; if you are a mom or a feeding mom, you will probably need a big bag that is comfortable and durable that allows you to keep many things that children may need, on the other hand, if we have no children, your lifestyle will be different, therefore, think what bag you will be more useful. Once you are clear about these aspects, it is going to be the bag which will serve you for longer with great comfort level.

Another tip is that when you want to invest money in a bag, try it in a classic model for the reason that classic models do not go out of fashion.

Consider Your Morphology

The bag you choose must complement your morphology.

  • If you are tall and thin, you can choose a big bag with long straps.
  • If you are petite, the bags which will favor you are small or medium with straps that are not too long for you and do not fall too and make you seem smaller.

It is important that you look to the height of your body where you carry bag as it can help draw more attention to an area that you might want to go unnoticed, for example, if we have accentuated hips, your bag should never be short of your hips as they call more attention to that area. Bags reaching to the waist are not big and help to stylize the figure.

Consider Size

While a bag seems to be able to keep all the essentials, it should not be a black hole where you lose the keys four times every day. It will itself make you feel conspicuous if you are not used to using luxury items, so that the bag is too big for you is a bag that you will no longer use.

Consider Material

The bag material is also very important because depending on what use you will give, you can choose it better. There are bags of highly durable quality in classic and perfect leather to go to the office or to last longer, plus if you are the type of person who does not like a lot of washing, these will serve much as they do not require much cleaning, obviously depending on color. If you are more casual, you can choose from many materials such as plastic, cloth, etc. with different types of straps to be with them all day.

If you want to make it an easy process, opt for Birkin bags as they come up with all the features a woman may need.

There are of all colors and styles, so it is important to know what goes best with your style and your day and what you prefer. It is important to choose a bag that, besides being cute, is functional and comfortable for you.

Bag is one of the accessories most loved by women and one of the most fun to buy. Perhaps for its wide range, there is so much variety and tastes for all age groups and budgets. The bags are not only a necessary item for keeping all the stuff wallet, sunglasses, cell phone, it is also an ideal complement to any outfit. Therefore, it is important that you know how to choose the best bag going perfectly with you and with your day to day activities. Here I give some tips for you to consider when you choose your bag.


Although, bags come in many sizes and all are used equally, there are some bags that go best with your body.  

If you are a girl with small structure, the maxi bags are not recommended because it will be not only disproportionate, but also can gamble against time to show off your outfits. This model is ideal for women who perform various activities during the day and need to carry many things.

If you are girl with tall structure, with large bags, you will end up losing. The handbags are perfect for hanging out with the right, either at night or for an express checkout during the day. They do not take up space and are super comfortable.

The medium sized bags are always the best for all figures and turn out to be the most functional. Usually they are the best option as they adapt to every moment of the day, have a good interior capacity and look well for all.

Shapes and Styles

The forms must be complemented with your body and its format must be the opposite to your own.

  • If your body is hourglass, see that their ways are not too stressed to avoid generating volume.
  • For triangle figures, the rectangular are the best, provided they do not stand out much.
  • If your structure is straighter, the best are the bags with rounded shapes.
  • It is advisable that the bags do not end at the widest part of your body.


The colors of the bags can highlight your outfit, complement or make a cut.

  • The shades like black, brown and white are good allies when you accompany your clothes.
  • Bright colors are great when you dress classic monochromatic tones. We all know that any colorful bags can rise to the most basic of sets.
  • Remember that bags need not to be combined with your shoes, so do not be afraid to choose a different color, provided it is consistent with all the look you have set.

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