What To Look For In A Gun Safe?

What To Look For In A Gun Safe?

If you possess any form of firearm, to have a safe area to store it is a must, so that the firearm may not reach to hands of people who should not have it. Finding the right safe for your handguns can be an almost overwhelming task. There are literally thousands of choices for handgun safe ranging from the cheap and questionable all the way up to ornate bomb-proof models costing thousands of dollars. Finding the model that’s right for you comes down to a few specific factors.

What size handgun are you storing?

If you rely on a sub-compact or similar size model for home defense, your size requirements are vastly different from someone with a Desert Eagle. You want something that comfortably houses your gun and possibly a spare magazine or two. If you’re more comfortable having a backup weapon as well, figure twice the size of a single capacity plus a little more to prevent scratching and damage. Handgun safes are available in every conceivable size, so finding one that fits your needs may require some shopping around, but it shouldn’t be too difficult.

Where is safe going to be mounted?

Mounting a safe in the bedroom closet is usually significantly easier than mounting one under a desk or in a car. There are however several models that offer near limitless mounting options. If you’re looking to make the safe a permanent fixture in a discreet location, one with bottom or back surface mounting is likely the best option. If the safe is going to be in a more conspicuous location like a vehicle, finding one with all surface mounting options will make instillation significantly easier. Regardless of mounting location, finding a model with pre-drilled holes is the easiest route.

How quickly will you need to access your handgun?

In an emergency situation every second matters. If you’re safe is going to be used exclusively for home defense emergencies you need to seriously consider a model with a spring loaded quick access entry system. There are several models on the market that can be opened with only your fingerprint or a few quick taps on a keypad. These models are designed specifically for an emergency. If your safe is going to serve exclusively as storage, you can allow for a more time-consuming locking mechanism. This route affords you the option of an older dial style lock or key entry method.

The locking mechanism in a gun safe is a critical thing to both the security and the accessibility of your firearms. Having a solid locking mechanism you trust is highly important. This mechanism will be the first feature that thieves try to open. Locking mechanisms are broken up into three categories, lock and key, combination, and biometric.

Lock and key are most commonly found on cheaper safes or smaller safes. Lock and key are an age old method of securing your belongings. Lock and key is also the easiest to break into. Locks can be picked, or keys can be misplaced or lost. The cheapest of safes also feature the same and key and lock for everyone, meaning anyone with the same safe can open yours. Lock and key is best used when you’re only trying to keep children out.

The combination safe is a time-tested technology and it extremely difficult to crack. The combination safes come in two different designs the old fashioned spin wheel and the newer keypad combination. The main drawback to combo safes is the user forgetting the combination or being complacent and keeping it written down somewhere in the open. The pin pad combination is an electronic one and it is vulnerable to batteries as they die, but it is much easier to open under pressure as compared to the spin wheel which are extremely dependable, and are never likely to fail.

Biometric safes are the newest technology in locking mechanisms for safes. Biometric safes work off of the user fingerprints and come in all sizes. Biometric safes are the fastest and easiest to open safe there is. There are no keys to fumble with, or combinations to remember. These safes can save multiple sets of fingerprints, so your significant other can access the safe as well as you. These safes have proven to be dependable with less than a one percent failure rate. Like the pin pad combination safes they do require batteries, and must be changed by the user on occasion.

Owning a safe is a necessity when you are owning guns. The task of choosing one is not so daunting when you learn a few terms and familiarize yourself with the common features of gun safes. If you would like to learn more in this regard, I suggest you to click here to reach the website where you also find the best brands of gun safe available at discounted prices.


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