What To Look For In A RC Crawler?

What To Look For In A RC Crawler?

If you love cars and adventure, I am sure you will love what I have to tell you here. I am going to tell you about the amazing existence of RC rock crawlers. They are basically the small sized versions of the big rock crawlers and monster cars that are basically used as toys; yes you heard it right as toys by adults or even kids. Know that there are different kinds of RC crawlers that can suit a person according to its needs, and when you are in the market looking for one, you will surely be confused. So here I am going to help you in this matter, and let you choose the one that will help you suit best and will save some money.

My advice is to start from the features, so you can sort out some choices according to them, and at the end you are able to make a good decision. So let’s get started.


This is also very important to get the best experience, as you must choose the model that offers a good control, as they run on radio waves so you need to check that either they are well responsive or not. As if not it will completely waste your money, and you are left with one choice only, and that is to buy a new one that can suit your need.

Battery Life

Many brands these days are focusing only on speed or on control, so in order to enjoy the crawler experience better it is very important that you choose a crawler whose battery can last you good, so you are eligible to enjoy the experience even more. No doubt you may have to spend some extra time while finding the one that can be suitable for you.

Other Features

With all these features, there are many more, such as they now come in a customizable condition, where you can change different settings. Such as color, speed, control and much more. If you are experimenting, then getting a kit is the perfect thing that you can do to have the best control over everything and make it as you like it. I hope that you have learnt enough that now you can make a good bargain when you will go to buy RC rock crawler for yourself.

If you are a RC crawler fan just like me, then you have done yourself a favor by coming to my post, as here I am going to share some tips and tricks that I have myself experienced and found, which has made my RC crawling experience better than ever.

As an RC crawler fan, I am sure that you also have some tips which help you have a better experience while you are using the crawler. Here I am sharing with you some tips that you will surely find very handy, so let’s get on the tips.

What to know before you buy a crawler?

With so many brands being in the market and the different models, it is normal if you will be confused. Just do some homework before you actually go in the market and will to buy one. That homework is simple, just make a list of some important features that you must want in your crawler. It can be any features that you have on your mind. Ok, now let me tell you some features that you must look for when you are willing to get a new crawler.


As the crawler runs on radio waves, it is important that you must test it once if you are buying from a physical shop, so you can have a rough idea about that. Plus, if you are buying it from online, don’t worry, as you can go through its reviews and see how people say about that.


When it comes to the crawlers, it is more than important that they should be scratch proof, and resistant to breaking. No doubt this will help you last the crawler for a longer time, and I know that you do want that. Know that you get many choices when you are in the market for choosing a crawler, as they come in metal and plastic body. You can choose whatever you like, as the body is hard so it’s all about the look they deliver when it comes to the material used. I am now sure that all of my tips would surely have helped you a lot if you are willing to get a new RC crawler. Guess what? You can know more, and all you have to do is just


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