What Type Of Bathtubs Should I Choose?

What Type Of Bathtubs Should I Choose?

Nowadays the bathtubs that are in the market are much more attractive than the early bathtubs and they are a very important element since there is nothing better than having a good bath to relax, although this is something that we have to do only from time to time since water is a very precious commodity that lately is scarce enough.

Returning to the bathtubs, the new designs are functional and colorful, so not only they will be used for the bathroom, but your bathtub will become the most important element of your bathroom decoration. Fortunately, comfort is already available to every model, thanks to the new designs that fit all types of bathrooms, taking various shapes and sizes.

There are different styles of bathtubs i.e. classic, modern, retro and different materials such as fiberglass, steel, wood, plastic, cement, etc. That’s why the options are more than versatile and we can always choose the right tub for our home. Remember, on the other hand, that maintenance is essential and that you must periodically clean them to avoid the accumulation of tartar and stains. With regular maintenance, they will avoid deterioration and you will be able to enjoy excellent bathrooms for a much longer time.

The technology has also put in favor of the bathtubs and you can find also true hydromassage, so that you turn your bath into an authentic spa without having to leave your house.

Today, bathtubs are found in different materials. Here we will see a few types of bathtubs by material that we must study to make the decision of which we want and it adapts more to our needs;

Porcelain or Enameled Steel Bathtubs

Little by little they fall into disuse, but are still made of this material. Their main handicap is that they are quite fragile and are very sensitive to the blows. They oxidize with the passage of time and are very prone to accumulate dirt.

Acrylic Bathtubs

This material is very traditional, and it has been used for more than three decades, although only recently it has been applied to the manufacture of bathtubs and shower trays. Acrylic bathtubs are characterized by easy installation, are economical and have a smooth surface, so they are easily cleaned. It is important to have an optimum team of professionals to properly seat the base and perform the required masonry work.


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