What Type of Content to Post for Steemit, in the start?

What Type of Content to Post for Steemit, in the start?

First thing first you need to make an introduction post and then tag it “introducingyourself”. Spend some time reading and studying others’ introductions by visiting previous links. Try to include such things that you study in other introductions, such as;

  • Detailed, however non-sensitive information about yourself, struggles, life, goals and plans.
  • Info about what profession you are involve in, what projects you are working on and what actually interests you.
  • What you really like about Steemit. How you plan for collaborating to build your ecosystem.
  • Questions that you have about Steemit
  • Videos, images which you want to add in order to deepen your introductory text.

Send your second draft of introductory post in the format of markdown. The staff will read and give your ideas. Best introductory posts can earn thousands of bucks. They let you earn initial following.

Therefore take time, do not skip this. Try to make it unique. Be open. This is people’s community, technology makes it possible. How you can add value in this community, put that in your introductory post.

Do not expect 2nd or 3rd posts to earn more than your introductory post. Use your earning from introductory post to invest them in your Steem Power, training and tools which will allow you to produce much more or better the content.

Steem is meritocratic platform, where users get more voting powers as compared others. They are categorized as following.


Whales are users who have huge amount of STEEM POWER. Single vote on content by whale add hundreds of dollar to your income. They can calibrate voting power therefore not all votes by whales confer bigger rewards.


Dolphins are users with medium number of STEEM POWERs. Their votes add few cents or 1 dollar in your income


Minnows are users with small amount of STEEM POWER. Their votes can add less than cent. Every one start as minnow until they invest noticeable amount of amount in to their STEEM POWER.

Do not worry about all these categories. Being minnow does not mean you are failed. It only means you have to put more effort and value into steem system.

With time, successful content creators on Steemit can rise to top as well as become the whales while any whale who do not succeed at creating content will definitely see relative decline in their Steem Power.


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