What you should know about the best co-sleeper: HALO Bassinet Swivel sleeper

What you should know about the best co-sleeper: HALO Bassinet Swivel sleeper

There are various types of baby co sleepers available in the market. These baby co sleepers offer various types of features. One will need to consider various factors before they select any of the best co sleepers for their baby. One of the best co sleepers that one should consider checking out is the Halo bassinet swivel sleeper. This co sleeperoffers various types of advantages. To help you out, this article will take a look at what you should know about the best co sleeper: Halo bassinet swivel sleeper.

Halo bassinet swivel sleeper: what you should know about?

  • This co sleeper is very easy to use. With the help of the swivel movements, it is definitely a lot easier to get in and out of the bed and also it is easy to reach out for the baby. This co sleeper also comes with the built in lights, so that it is easy for you to feed the baby without any hassle during night time. It also wouldn’t disrupt you or the baby. The sides are made up of mesh and this helps you to see your baby and your baby will also be able to see you when lying down.
  • However, this co sleeper is quite heavy when it comes to weight and it also is quite difficult to move around as soon as you have assembled it. The directions for assembling the parts can be quite difficult and you will need to spend some time trying to fix it.
  • This co sleeper is very comfortable for the babies. This co sleeper will easily swivel up to 360 degrees and this is the reason why you don’t need to get out of your bed to reach to your baby.
  • This co sleeper comes with a single stem, which is strong and can support weight properly and a base with four legs to give it proper and stable balance. To use this co sleeper, you will just need to slide the base under your bed and as far as it can reach, you will then be able to adjust the co-sleeper to fit the height of your mattress. It is very easy to adjust the height of the co sleeper to the mattress. Although the instructions to assemble the co sleeper can seem difficult and daunting, as soon you watch some YouTube video tutorial, you will find it much easier to assemble the co sleeper, without any hassle.
  • If you are opting to purchase the premier series, then you should be able to get some of the additional features, such as two extra storage pockets, a built in soothing center, three sounds of nature and womb which helps to keep the baby calm and two vibration levels and you will also get the feature night light, three lullabies, and a nursing timer that comes with the automatic shut off. These features makes this co sleeper the best one that you can opt for in the market.

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