When And For Long Is Co-Sleeping Recommended?

When And For Long Is Co-Sleeping Recommended?

When the baby does not sleep well or breastfeed, putting him or her to sleep with dad is an ideal option for some parents. The dream of the child is one of the issues that most concern parents and that generates more controversy, since there are different currents of thought on what is more convenient for the baby, whether to co sleep in bed with mom and dad, or else in his or her crib and, if possible, in his or her own room in order to foster his or her autonomy and, in some way, ‘protect’ the privacy of the parents.

While breastfeeding lasts, it is most likely that for mom and baby, co sleeping is the most comfortable option. In this way, the baby can be breastfed on demand without the mother having to get up. In addition, the instinct of survival of the small one causes that, when the babies are near the mother, they sleep quieter. When the baby does not want to sleep, putting him in the bed of the parents can represent a comfortable solution to avoid having to get up continuously.

However, if the baby co sleeps with the parents, certain precautions should be taken to protect the baby, especially during the first year, being an ideal solution to install a co sleeper next to the bed. On the other hand, from certain ages, it would be advisable to establish some sleep habits.

In some cases, co sleeping is not practiced by family conviction, but because different circumstances have led parents to share their bed with the baby, and have no way to reverse the situation as they take the baby to bed when he or she cries or the baby only falls asleep in parents’ bed. In these cases, the baby wakes up and cries when the parents try to take the baby to the crib.

If this is your case, whenever you decide that it is time to move it to your crib and/ or room, keep the following things in mind;

Put the crib in your room and make this operation an intermediate step to make it independent before bringing the crib to the baby’s room.

Try to sleep alone. Pamper the child in your room, explain that it is time to sleep and take to his or her room. During the first few days, it is advisable to stay by baby’s side until falling asleep, and until he or she is able to sleep alone. You can sing or read a story, etc. Of course, whenever the baby calls or cries, you must go, so he baby does not have the feeling of abandonment. A co sleeper is highly recommended and you are supposed to read the co sleepers reviews before you decide to buy one.


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