Where should I Go for a Fine Dine?

Where should I Go for a Fine Dine?


This restaurant opens until 5:00 am from Thursday to Saturday. It is located in the Design District and has very good reviews. It is a small cafe type place with good food. What more can you ask for at this time of the morning?

Sorrento in Chiclayo

If one looks for the best empanadas of the north, indisputably he/she has to go to Sorrento, especially if you have an appetizer at night, as it could be a meal for those who eat a little. Their grills are not left behind and their meats in general. It has a warm but informal atmosphere, making it a place to spend time with friends or family. You must arrive early to find a place, since it is almost always full.

John Martin’s

Definitely the Irish know how to drink, eat, laugh and dance, so if you want to wait the year for the Irish option, it is this Coral Gables restaurant that offers a $60 menu per person. Dinner starts at 7pm and lasts until 2:00 pm in the early hours at which a bagpiper will arrive.


This restaurant offers an interesting combination of the flavors, traditional food and fusion. Chef Toshiro Konishi was decorated by the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries of Japan. The place offers a great variety of dishes such as the shells in maca sauce, white grouper, sushi teka, teriyaki and rolls.


It serves the supreme quality of the international drinks along with Italian gastronomy in a setting of casual grace and sophistication, making Rosso one of the best restaurants in Dubai. Their fervent staff is more than ready to serve you with their mouthwatering foods. You can also enjoy an assortment of wines.

Seasons 52

If you want to eat well and do not get fat, there is now a restaurant in Miami that shows that these two factors can go together. It is called Seasons 52 and it is having a colossal success because no plate has more than 475 calories.

Baco & Vaca

It is one of the new barbecue restaurants that are bouncing every day. It presents a fresh menu with an excellent fusion of the traditional Argentinean food and the Peruvian gastronomy.

It offers really juicy and flavorful cuts of meat. There are many alternatives to choose from and there are different types of elaboration, cooking, textures and flavors to the taste of the customers. The most interesting thing is its diversity of cava, around 250, which is really attractive.

Anise Waterfront Taverna

It is a Greek restaurant located on the Upper East Side Little River. This is a cozy restaurant with good food and overlooking the water. It transports you to the Greek islands.


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