Where to Find Great Deals on a Vintage Antique Ice Chest?

Where to Find Great Deals on a Vintage Antique Ice Chest?

Ice coolers are not for cooling ice, but to maintain a lower interior temperature to cool food and beverages without the use of an external power source. An ice cooler might be ideal for transporting foods, drinks, and perishable items while traveling. Most often you will see these coolers in use while traveling to areas where electrical devices are not practical such as to a picnic area, out on a boat fishing, or travelling in an auto.

One of the neatest things about the internet is the buying opportunities it offers to those of us who love shopping for a great deal on an antique ice chest. And whether you are a collector or a dealer, great deals can be found every day, as long as you are carefully watching for them. While you probably have your own favorite types, all of these great ice chests are fun, collectible, and not too hard to find a good deal on. If you are paying due attention.

Coke and Pepsi-Cola Ice Chests

Vintage Coke and Pepsi Cola items are always in demand, and they are no different. Made out of metal and built to last, these ice chests recall a time past, full of fun memories for those who experienced them. When shopping for an antique name brand ice chests, watch for the ones that have their original inserts. These are more authentic, which is great for the collectors, and are worth more, which is great for dealers.

Solid Wood Ice Chests

If your tastes lean more toward older ice chests, like those from the late 1800s and early 1900s, you will probably have to pay a bit more than you would for the retro 1950s Cola chests. But, of course, if you are a collector or dealer, it should be okay with you, especially if you get a great deal. For example, you can find listings for antique oak ice chest on eBay and Amazon for sale. An antique ice chest with the original finish from this era would be a nice purchase for a collector.


No matter what type of antique ice chest you collect, you don’t want to forget the accessories. Catalogues, ads, and original hardware and accessories can often be picked up for a song. These make great additions to the ice chests you already have, and can complete the ones you already have that are missing pieces. And of course, it is always fun to collect and hold onto accessories for the antique ice chests that you don’t have yet, but are on your wish list. To have the best deal on the latest ice chest, visit Review Gurus.

A marine ice chest is usually also called a marine cooler. It serves the same purpose as a regular cooler, which obviously is to cool. The only thing about marine ice chest is that they keep its contents cold and frozen for a longer period of time than the ice chest you would most likely have at a party. The different forms of marine ice chest have been around since mankind fell in love with the marine life. The marine ice chest of today can keep ice frozen for five to ten days while some will not keep ice frozen for even five to ten hours. You should only expect the marine ice chest to keep things cold such as fish for a long time, since the sailors and fisherman tend to be out to the sea for a lot of days.

What are the Benefits of Having a Marine Ice Chest?

If you want to know the benefits of using a marine ice chest, you should just ask any sailor or fisherman. They should tell you that the main benefit you would get from using a marine ice chest would be the extended period of cool insulation time that the marine cooler provides. Another advantage to having a marine ice chest is being able to keep contents such as fish and drinks cold for as long as they are offshore. If you were in the middle of a hurricane, and all the electricity was shut off; what could you use to keep food cold for days or weeks? You got it!! The answer was a marine cooler. Having and owning a marine cooler even when you don’t plan to go out to sea, is a very wise choice for the reason that anything can happen.

Why would someone need a Marine Ice Chest?

Anyone who needs a lot of seafood to be shipped personally by themselves would need a marine ice chest, especially if they need the seafood to be kept cold for at least two to three days. Maybe someone who wants to deliver some blue-bell ice cream from Houston to Philadelphia by van. They would greatly benefit from a marine ice chest, especially if the marine coolers were filled with dry ice. The ice cream would arrive in Philadelphia just as it left Houston (Frozen).


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