Which Drill Bit Should I Buy?

Which Drill Bit Should I Buy?

Many types of bits have now been made, with each one suited for a specific material. These include those designed specifically to efficiently penetrate ceramic tiles, masonry, or wood. Then there are those which can be fitted into screwdrivers through their hexagonal shanks. Hole saws have also been introduced, which do not bore a hole all the way through, rather cut the peripheral circumference of the hole. Common ones include the twist bits with their pointed tips and helical grooves, which make them easy to use on most materials. That is why this is the type most commonly found in a workers toolkit, also because they don’t put much burden on their wallet.

Some drill bits are expensive to buy but they give you fine holes. Frostner is quite expensive, but it gives nice results than others. They are used for larger or flat bottom holes on your wood projects. This product is helpful in making holes on softer or wooden structured bodies. These bits have a point in center which is used for keeping target and a flat bottomed body. In this product blades are used to give fine shaped holes by cutting the body smoothly. Different companies are offering different features in drilling bits and following companies are among them with variety of features.

Dewalt Titanium Pilot Point Set

Dewalt is an outstanding organization in the tools space and whatever they make is entirely strong. It is the best drilling tools if you need esteem. You get titanium covered bits at an effective section level cost. We think the value/quality proportion is mainly to support you here. It is a 21 piece titanium coated steel drilling tool set that comprises of curve bits.


The Bosch TI18 drilling tools set gets vote for the best titanium set since every one of its pieces is titanium nitride covered. These bits will experience materials much quicker than standard bits. Titanium ensures these tools and makes them last more. That is the reason they are so famous among skilled workers today. The titanium nitride covering on these drills makes them reasonable for overwhelming obligation applications like drilling through metal. It additionally makes them ultra-solid, with the capacity to last up to six circumstances longer than regular steel bits. It will ensure your bits and keep them together in one open place. Every one of the 18 bits is housed in a strong Brute Tough Case.

Makita T-01725 IMPACT DRILL Drive Bit set

It is durable product with Black oxide coating which protects it from damaging. This product has different bit set and it is good for drilling hole with good speed. It is manufactured from high speed steel and its heat treatment ability makes it sharper and longer.

Tooluxe 10171L 13-Piece titanium drill bit set

Are you looking for faster drill bit? Titanium drill bit set is the product of Tooluxe Company with high speed steel and it has longer durability because of titanium coating. It has twist design which helps in clear chipping and increase the speed of cutting. This product has drill bit holder with size mentioned on it which helps you in choosing size.


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