Which is the Best Granite Sealer for Countertops?

Which is the Best Granite Sealer for Countertops?

You have beautiful granite counters. You have one of the loveliest, most durable countertops ever made! Now what are you going to do in order to preserve your investment and keep it beautiful and safe from stains and etching? I have researched for the best granite sealer products to use on granite. There are many questions when you buy granite counters such as the following;

  • Do you have to seal them yourself?
  • Were they sealed by the manufacturer?
  • Is there such a thing as a permanent seal?
  • Will you buy special granite cleaners that clean and polish or do you use separate cleaner and polish?
  • How do you avoid stains?
  • How do you remove stains?

With every question I found endless answers and products claiming to be the best granite sealer. I, like many others, have spent a lot of money on granite sealing products that I was not sure if I was truly protecting my investment and often was disappointed with the lack of new finish luster I had looked to restore. Finally, I said enough.

I have dedicated many months to truly researching the long term care of granite. I found that I have spent a great deal of money on products to clean and/or polish my granite that actually may be wearing through the sealant, so it is very necessary to preserve my counters. My research and expert interviews taught me that the best protective care for granite is to clean it with a pH balanced granite stone cleaner. Periodically, you would need to deep clean and remove inevitable residue if you are cleaning with soap and water. This procedure will keep the granite counters well sealed and looking good.

You have surely heard of a ‘test kitchen’.  Well, I always associated cooking with that term but not anymore. For weeks I lived with my kitchen counters separated by blue lines to differentiate the areas being tested by different cleaning, polishing and sealing products. Some were tacky while others gritty. Some were dull while others would just shine but show every fingerprint. I finally found the best combination of ingredients for my recipe. I remember coming home one day to see my island shine with the rich, bright sheen I had forgotten it had. My husband showed me the best granite sealer that brought the granite counter back to life.  It is such a gift to see my counters shine and know that we are successfully preserving our investment. Now we use Stonetech Bulletproof Stone Sealer every now and then to seal the granite and keep it shiny all the year round.


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