Why Do People Prefer Adjustable Beds Over Traditional Ones Now?

Why Do People Prefer Adjustable Beds Over Traditional Ones Now?

An adjustable bed aims to provide great comfort and convenience to its users and add luxury in to your life as well. It is the motor that make it adjustable which skillfully handled by the controller.

Experience Extreme Comfort

The adjustable beds are loved by the people who are in their old age and it also offers comfort to the ones who might have general pains in their body. People who are handicapped also adore the adjustable beds for the reason that it can transform into much more than just a flattened piece of mattress to lie down on all day. It also comes with adjustable parts which are specific and offer massaging features. If you have pain in getting out of the bed due to any hip or knee pain, then an adjustable bed can be a great pick for you.


Adjustable beds come with a guarantee and this guarantee is designed to address all the problems related to the motor. If your motor does not work, your bed will not be adjustable anymore. Therefore, by examining the guarantee, the customers can learn how trustworthy the motor is. The adjustable beds with warranties between 10 to 20 years come with an extraordinary reliable motor. The adjustable beds whose warranties do not last as long usually have cheap motors which break down within a year or two. It is advisable here that you never choose an adjustable bed with lower warranty if your budget allows to go for the ones with a little higher price. 

Entertainment with Relaxation

Gone are the days when adjustable beds were used merely to treat headaches, today, it is a fun thing now as you can enjoy your favorite television seasons or movies while lying comfortably on your adjustable bed in your bedroom. Or you can have more fun playing on PlayStation or Xbox with an elevated position. Not only that, there are also high-end adjustable beds available that come with a number of additional features such as built-in mp3 player and USB ports to let you enjoy your music while relaxing after a long day at work.


There are a number of brands which are making adjustable beds, and some brands have the upper hand over the others because of their machinery and immensely distinguished performance. They notable adjustable bed brands are as follows;

  • Reverie
  • Leggett and Platt

After many hectic working hours in a day, the bed seems like a heaven. If you throw yourself on the bed to relax and end up waking up unconformable, then nothing is hateful than this. Due to this discomfort the, sleep time becomes a real tough thing to cope with. Using the adjustable angular patterns, the body can be fixed for a peaceful sleep. The beds which were once used to give a comfortable posture to the patients on the hospital are now an essential part of our daily sleeping routine too. They don’t just give the comfort to the patients but are equally essential for the good sleep of the every member of the family.

It appears to be that adjustable beds are the new buzz in the marketplace, but it is nothing like it. They come back from an ancient time, however, they were just restricted to the hospitals first. Now their usage is much large and vast and they now are being used in homes as well since people can feel the comfort and different features that the adjustable beds have to offer, which sadly, a traditional bed is unable to provide to you with. The adjustable beds are not just stronger and great for people who are in pain or handicapped, they are awesome for people who love a comfortable sleep.

Serta Motion Essentials II Review

Serta is recognized for being the best mattress makers in the adjustable bed making field. In the year 2016, if you are looking for a reliable name, then don’t forget Serta Motion II as one of the options to consider for yourself. The hydraulic lifting system of Serta Motion Essentials II can lift the weight of about 650 pounds without any problem. The bed comes at comparatively very low price. Serta Motion Essentials II does not have the fancy utilities, thus, it turn out to be very user-friendly.

Reverie 7S adjustable bed review

Reverie 7S has built with innovation and we will have a brief Reverie 7S adjustable bed review. First of all, I would like to you that its powerful motor can lift up to 850 pounds of weight in almost every possible position. Its wireless controller is loaded with several functions including two memory positions and an anti-snore button. Reverie 7S also has a massage mechanism which has ten different intensity levels. The bed is not only beautiful visually but also it offers maximum comfort. Reverie 7S adjustable bed also has corner stops to keep the mattress fixed during movements. It is available in all sizes with different price ranges.


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