Why Is There A Difference In Price Among The Types Of Hair Weaves?

Why Is There A Difference In Price Among The Types Of Hair Weaves?

When you have decided to put on hair weaves, it is highly important that you find the hair weaves extensions of high quality, since you are going to use it for 24 hours a day and from now on they will be an important part of your personality and body. But even in the world of remy hair, there are different types of qualities of hair weave extensions, depending on the type of process that is given to the hair. In some types of processes, such as chemicals and heat are applied to the hair, which end up stripping off its natural protector, cuticle, leaving the hair unprotected against the moisture, sun, and the other external agents. But this is not really an easy task to notice such a damage when you are buying one, and sometimes one realizes this after having washed the hair weave extensions a few times.

Why are quality hair weaves more expensive?

The hair weaves of high quality will be like your own hair which can be washed, curled, dried and can last up to a year. The good hair weaves should be impossible to detect at first sight or touch, and getting to this degree of quality takes time and money.

As in everything, the quality of a product depends on the raw material used. Virgin hair and remy hair are the best quality hair for hair weaves for the reason that they last longer, get less tangled, and are the closest thing to your own hair. Virtually all hair weave extension manufacturing companies say that they sell remy hair, but many times they do not even know how to do it. I suggest if you can afford, always get REAL HUMAN HAIR WEAVES.

The hair process also affects the quality.

Besides a good raw material, it is important to know what process the hair receives. Some companies perform quick treatments to produce final products faster and sell more and they literally destroy the hair, because of the excessive use of aggressive chemicals.

When processing hair, some manufacturers completely bleach the hair in a hot bleach bath and dye it. This is what we call processed hair and unfortunately it represents a large majority of hair on the market. In this type of process, the hair loses its cuticle, ultimately, its quality. In the final step, hair is given a silicone bath to make it look smoother, but inside it becomes a fragile and weak hair. The correct way to process the hair is to de-pigment it slowly, so that the cuticle can remain completely intact. Then it goes through a bath of color, using ecological products that respect the nature of the hair.

The result of using a good quality hair and a correct hair process make the hair weave extensions of a superior quality. I always say that the cheap is actually more expensive, so you go only for high quality hair weaves, so that you may not wonder later if your weave extension is of good quality or not.


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