Why should you buy or not New Pixel XL 2 in Dubai?

Why should you buy or not New Pixel XL 2 in Dubai?

Fans of Android never had it so best as they are going to have this year. For the very first time in may be ever there are several of great Android mobile phones to select for, at different price levels. Not only there are the flagship models with brilliant quality and complete metal bodies at average prices, like onePlus 3. There are also some real flagship Android phones such as Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge which is arguably as good as if it is not better as compared to iOs current flagship models from Apple. Latest announcements from Google have made it more better time to become an Android fan. New Pixel XL and Pixel phones depart from various previous Nexus Devices not only in branding however also in entire approach in order to stock the Android. While past Nexus devices were just phones which were targeted at developers as well as the other die-hard users of Android who need the pure Android experience with timely updates, new Pixel devices are really no-compromises flagship phones with unapologetically higher prices.

They are actually design to attract people who are looking for best Android phones which they can have. So, for first time Google is forcing devices hard, promoting them globally. It even has released lineup of own Google Pixel XL and Pixel cases.

Flagship devices: Pure Android Experiences

Not just Pixel phones first to show off the Android Nougat, latest Android version, they’re also only mobile phones which you can get, that come with and App called Google Assistant. Pixel phones are VR ready also, thanks to beefy hardware as well as graphics processing abilities. Google launched VR headsets for Pixel for taking advantages of mobile phones. When it is about looks of actual phones which is an area where both models of Pixel have come in for a bit of criticism. While amazingly made, with entire metal bodies as well as shiny, beveled corners, not just are Pixel phones a little anonymous appearing. They’re also few parts of designs which seem ill or bit pointless.

But, as most if not all people who pay higher prices for mobile devices can be investing in cases for Pixel and Pixel XL, which is not much more than minor criticism. As these are expected for becoming extremely popular, fans looking for unique cases or some style as well as personalization can even choose for custom case or designer cases for Google Pixel 2 XL Dubai.


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