Why Should You Choose WhatsApp Status?

Why Should You Choose WhatsApp Status?

Today, there is no way and escape at all that you don’t know about WhatsApp, as this is the best and only app that can provide you with too many benefits. Gone are the days when you could only send text messages and exchange MMS with each other, as now with the advancement in technology, there is so much more you can do such as you can easily get the messages within seconds, no more waiting now, with all this you can also exchange pictures, audio messages and the videos instantly. There is no doubt that WhatsApp is taking over the old system of texting and communication. One can also call on WhatsApp which makes it a complete communication solution.

If you are now also using WhatsApp, it is very important to use the best WhatsApp status as that can help you to present yourself in better way. There are millions of different kind’s status from which you can choose, and the good thing is that you can also create a status on your own, as this will help you to define yourself in an even better way. Here I suggest you some different kinds of WhatsApp status through which you can easily make your own choice.

General Status

This kind of status can easily fall into any category, and the good thing is that you can change your status at any time. These status are widely used for defining different things around yourself, so it can be a quote or anything that you have thought about.

Custom Status

In this kind, you are free to create any status on your own, so you can create your own quote, message and anything that can easily define your own personality. You can also take any inspiration from others and change that according to your own choice.

Inspirational Quotes

Here you use some inspirational quotes that can change the way of thinking. Not only it will bring a positive effect in your life, but will also change the way of thinking of people around you. You must choose this if you are willing to inspire people about positive things and hope in life.


There are many famous people who have devoted their lives for goodness, and there is no doubt after such hard work they always give a good message that can work as a motto only if we follow that by our heart. You can use such quotes as your status message and let people around you know easily what your personality is and how much positive you think generally in life. There is no doubt that one positive change can do a lot of good in your life as this is very important to keep the life on track.


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