Why Should You Consider Having A Smokeless Ashtray?

Why Should You Consider Having A Smokeless Ashtray?

Here I just want to share my story of eliminating the cigarette smoke from my apartment as well as my clothes. I would also like to thank my girlfriend for giving me the solution for me on my birthday. If you are looking for a good way of eliminating the cigarette odor from your home, car or any other indoor space, then I am glad you found this article and I strongly suggest that you keep reading.

I thought I would share my uncensored way of getting rid of the cigarette smoke odor to all of you, the ups, the downs, all the stuff I tried and what didn’t work and finally the one smokeless ashtray that did.

Being a smoker, my life is quite difficult, especially that I am living with a nonsmoker in my apartment. My girlfriend is a health buff and she keeps on convincing me to quit smoking not just for my health, but because she hates the smell of cigarette smoke that fills our living space. More so, when my friends come over to our place, I cannot say that this is a ‘no smoking area’ for the reason that they know that I, myself, am a smoker. So I always expect a heated discussion or a cold war afterwards. My girlfriend really finds the smell of cigarette smoke very disgusting. Too repulsive that she would rather stay out of the house for the whole day and come back only when she thinks that the smell has already subsided.

We have already made a verbal agreement that I would spray the room with air freshener whenever such instances occur. The fact is that she is the most wonderful woman any man could dream of living with, except for her intense reaction to my smoking habits. I am lucky enough that she found a way to deal with the difficult situation without giving me the ultimatum as to when I would quit smoking.

When I celebrated my birthday two months ago, I woke up with a birthday package on my side table. Yes, my girlfriend gave me a birthday gift. When I opened the package, I knew it was an ashtray and I can’t help but smile thinking of the message that I formed in my head. So I gently asked her if she was jesting. And she just said, ‘It will help us avoid any more discussions that would leave me upset.’ And she started enumerating the benefits that the ‘special ashtray’ had to offer.

I was skeptical at first because I know for a fact that cigarette smoke is really hard to contain, but wonders of all wonders, the things I have heard about the smokeless ashtray are true. Apart from having a cleaner smelling apartment, I can now smoke every time I want to without worrying when my dearest girlfriend would take her leave to ‘take a breath of fresh air’.

What she gave me was the ionic type of smokeless ashtray. I realized that it is not effective under breezy conditions for the reason that it can only capture and remove cigarette smoke as it rises, so you really have to close the windows when you want to maximize the effectiveness of the smokeless ashtray. But it sounds contradictory because having the windows opened will give the room a cleaner feel.

Still I have to thank the smokeless ashtray that I got on my birthday. My girlfriend and I are now living more harmoniously than ever under one roof. Well, she doesn’t know yet, but I already have plans of proposing to her, but I will just keep the date to myself.


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