Why should You Go to South India for Vacations?

Why should You Go to South India for Vacations?

Are you willing to go to a place where you can enjoy? Are you into seeing different parts of the world, say whatever, as it can be your hobby or just a way to pass leisure time? With any condition, it is very important that you must know the right places where you can enjoy and you know that you are safe.

Here I am going to talk about one of the most famous places on earth in sense of culture and tourist attraction, South India. It has been attraction for tourist for years now, and people love coming here due to the hospitality and love that they get here. If you are willing to go on some beaches to have fun, you must choose South India as this will be your second home and there is a lot more you can explore even if you are not willing to go to the beaches.

The beaches are good to visit at any time of the year, as they give you a touch with nature and you can easily relax without any noise of the city that disturbs you. A beach is also a perfect place if you are willing to go on honeymoon, as here you can get different soothing services like therapies and the massages that will help you in order to be relaxed and feel loved.

There are many different beaches in South India that you can choose from, but the best thing to do is to first allocate the budget and ensure that you are getting everything you need. In this way, you will spend money that you have and will also get the best from it.

There are some popular beaches you must visit if you want to feel relaxed. Kovalam Beach is very famous in the state of Kerala where you can relax. You can have fun in the day while tanning yourself on the beach or while playing games on the beach and in the night you can enjoy the clubs, where you can dance and party without worrying about anything else.

Marina beach is the longest and the biggest beach which is in Tamil Nadu and has different spots in it that you must check out when you come here. I hope you get the idea why you must come to visit these tourist places in South India and cherish your memories forever.

Usually people traveling to India start with the North to see Rajasthan with its palaces and forts, the Taj Mahal, Red Fort in Delhi, Varanasi, Ganges, etc. South India used to be the fate of ‘repeaters’ who already knew the north and wanted to seek the new places. When tourists ask ‘Where do we start?’ the safest answer is ‘North’. But the reality is that you can start from the south without detracting from the trip. The South is less known, but it has as much interest as the North. It is so diverse and rich in nuances, full of things to see, and maintains that exoticism that attracts the tourists

What does South India offer?

South India offers the other shades of culture, the other angles of same India that you see in the North. And if in the North represents monuments and other famous places, the South represents the temples, the scenes of life and nature. Southern India is tropical. In contrast to the desert or arid Rajasthan, the south has green spaces with a fertile agriculture and water.

In the south, Dravidian temples are a festival of colors with its facades and painted gods, contrasting with the gray stone temples in the North.

People living in the countryside of South India are less accustomed to tourists, dressed in brightly colored saris, in less burdensome than in the North, smiling and welcoming atmosphere.

Except the big cities such as Mumbai and Chennai, life in the south is more relaxed. Although it is humble, it does not convey the sense of poverty that can be seen in the North. Nature is warmer and quiet and everything in the South seems to be more comfortable and relaxed.

Geography, History, People and Culture

South India is known as the Deccan peninsula. The interior is occupied by a variable plateau which results in crops, good climate and different landscapes. In further south, the tropical vegetation talks place in the landscape where there are palm trees, lakes and fertile crops appear.

A chain of mountains known as Western Ghats runs from north to south parallel to the west coast. They form a major stop to the rain that comes from the Arabian Sea and marks a wetter region near the west coast and a drier in the eastern plateau. Taking advantage of the height and the cooler climate, ecosystems created at the same time is very favorable for agriculture and for the development of forest areas.

West coasts have long beaches. Backwaters behind the waterfront create a long corridor in which land and water mixes linking canals, lakes and rivers, creating an attractive environment. In short, you will never be tired of visiting the tourist places in South India at all.


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