Why Should You Grow Your Fruits & Vegetables with a Hydroponic System?

Why Should You Grow Your Fruits & Vegetables with a Hydroponic System?

Well, the question posed in the title is simple to answer. Firstly, we are supposed to be aware of what exactly hydroponic gardening is all about. Basically, it is a method to grow plants which need no soil for nutrients. Rather, all the nutrients needed for the plant is mixed into the water. That’s all it means. So, what’s so great about this method of growing plants?

Hydroponically grown plants give better yields, live healthier, and can thrive in almost any type of environment. Growing plants hydroponically also requires less work, as systems often can run automatically on themselves with little need for constant maintenance. Without soil, growing hydroponically eliminates many problems. Soil-borne diseases can’t really manifest themselves without soil, can they? Also, you can grow a lot more plants in a much smaller space without soil, allowing you to be able to set up a hydroponic garden almost anywhere with good light, ventilation, and temperature. Another benefit of growing without soil is that you actually save water! All of the water that you spend on the plants is used entirely by the plants, without any unnecessary waste. Growing plants hydroponically also allows for more exact control over the nutrients that your plant receives, giving you the power to directly control the growth of your crop. You can find out more here about the best hydroponic system.

Benefits of the Hydroponic System

  • It saves water.
  • It yields more.
  • It is easier to maintain.
  • It can be virtually automated.
  • It eliminates all of the problems of soil.
  • It requires less space.
  • It can be started anywhere.
  • It gives you more control over your plant’s nutrients.
  • It is simply better.


There is another system called Aeroponics which work in combination of hydroponic system. It is possibly the most high tech hydroponic systems out there. In fact, NASA is considering using aeroponic systems to feed astronauts in space. In this hydroponic system, plants’ roots are suspended in air and are misted frequently with nutrient solution. Often, there is no grow medium for the plants, as it is unnecessary. Like the Nutrient Film Technique, pumps must run on a timer continuously in order for growth to be successful.


  • Fully automated
  • Ecologically friendly
  • It is rapidly flouring
  • Perfect aeration for roots
  • Disease-resistant (no growing medium)


  • It is done at a highly advanced level.
  • It relies on electricity.
  • It requires advanced and expensive equipment.

Choosing between a hydroponic grow room and a tent totally depends on your situation. If you rent a house or an apartment, you may prefer a hydroponic grow tent instead of building a grow room for a wide variety of reasons. A hydroponic grow tent grow room is less portable in the event you need to move and it can be quite an elaborate set up. However, if you have your own home, budget for an initial sizable investment, large available space and desire to grow large crops, then building a hydroponic grow tent grow room is a better option.

If you are on a tight budget, desire a smaller yield, have minimal space available, an indoor hydroponic grow tent would be a more feasible option. If you want an easy, turnkey way to begin, start out with a hydroponic grow tent kit, designed with all the necessary components for a more controlled and safer growing experience. Almost any space can be used as a hydroponic grow room, from a small closet to a whole room, garage, underground basement, rooftop, deck or attic.


If you build a grow room, consider your light source very carefully in case you have large windows all around the room or a skylight all the better. However, if you do not, then hydroponic grow lights will be required. You cannot have both types i.e. natural and artificial of lighting sources in operation simultaneously. There a various types of lighting and many experts recommend high sodium lighting and many recommend LED lighting. LED lighting is recommended because it requires less energy and if manufactured correctly, can deliver the best spectrum light for plant growth required for maximum photosynthesis. You will also need reflective material to increase the power for natural and artificial lighting.


In both a hydroponic grow tent and a grow room you will need to pay attention to proper ventilation, moisture control, temperature control and air circulation. In tents and tent kits, this is easier to manage because of their size and design. Whichever way you grow your produce indoors, you must have proper monitoring methods and timers to auto control for best results. Poor ventilation and humid conditions can lead to mold and less desirable results. Air circulation is also a concern with regard to pollination, as I am sure having bees indoors might not be a good choice.

Water Supply

One of the best things about hydroponic system for growing corps is that you conserve large amounts of water. There are about 6 to 7 designs of hydroponics systems on the market today. Be sure to properly configure your water supply to suit your design. Water can be used from the tap and must be de chlorinated for 24 hours at minimum, so you will need a system to hold water for this a period of time. Depending on the system you run, you may need larger holding tanks.

Hydroponic grow tents come in all different sizes and shapes. They are great for urban or apartment dwelling. They come complete with many options and features including airflow outlets to allow for hot air extraction which is extremely important, a component that is easily messed up by do it yourself-ers.

When deciding to purchase a hydroponic grow tent or design a grow room, it is important to consider the most appropriate size you need for the number of plants that you are planning to grow since they need sufficient space to reach their best possible yield. In conclusion, hydroponic grow rooms might be considered for long term growing and require careful planning. Typically, they will require more permanent changes to the selected area. Hydroponic grow tents do not require intense design or planning and can be moved and dismantled easily. Either hydroponic grow room or tent, it is not to say which is better, in fact, it comes down to what you need or want based on your situation and what makes most sense to you. 


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