Why to Choose Miken Psycho SuperMax?

Why to Choose Miken Psycho SuperMax?

In recent days, there are about millions of fans of softball around the world. All the crazy and aggressive softball fans must know the importance of a good quality softball bat. Nowadays, there are a number of sporting brands available in the market, which claim to be the best ones. Just remember one thing, not all the sporting brands offer the highest-quality sporting equipment. You should hunt down the best sporting equipment that best suits your requirements and go for a sport brand that gives you complete peace of mind for a couple of years easily such as Miken.

Important Features of a Softball Bat

There are some important factors that needed to be addressed before selecting the right softball bat;

  1. Softball bat should easily be reached to the batter’s wrist as it provides a lot of convenience and flexibility to the player to have proper control on his/her bat on the field.
  2. Swing of the bat should easily be in control of the player without having any difficulty. It is generally advisable to use bat that has light weight, because lightweight bats can be swung more quickly and they provide better control in the field.
  3. It also recommended using carbon-based softball bat, as it gives more durability and strength over wooden structure bats.
  4. At last, the grip of the softball bat must be good enough, so that it does not slip from the hands during hard hitting.

Miken has more than 18 years of experience in this field. This sporting equipment made by Miken is well-known for high performance, reliability and durability, and this is the reason that this brand is trusted by millions of sports lovers across the globe. There are some features of Miken softball bat that differentiates it among other brands available in the market.

Features of Miken Softball Bat

The very first feature of Miken Psycho SuperMax softball bat is the composite material. Miken Psycho softball SuperMax bats are made from the finest quality of carbon and alloy steel. This carbon and alloy steel are also used in premium aerospace industry. That is the reason that Miken Psycho SuperMax offer more durability and strength than the softball bat of other brands available in the market. The other feature of Miken Psycho SuperMax softball bat is its long-barrel of 14”. This long-barrel helps in hard hitting the ball over the fence. This long-barrel of the softball bat also offers more flexibility to the user.

For more durability purposes, Miken Psycho SuperMax softball bats are also equipped with 750XHPI. The other prominent feature of Miken Psycho SupeMax softball bat is end-loaded design which helps to have better control and firmer grip and it simply means that the player can hit the ball with full power and accuracy with minimum to zero vibration level.


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