Will It Be a Good Idea to Live in Treasure Crest EC?

Will It Be a Good Idea to Live in Treasure Crest EC?

Since you are reading this, you are probably already aware of Treasure Crest EC but for those who are new to Treasure Crest, allow us to throw a little light on the project before heading towards the main topic. Treasure Crest EC is the latest project by Sim Lian Group Limited which is a renowned Singapore-based developer company. The project is expected to be completed in 2019 but the bookings are already underway. Keeping in view the success of previous projects by Sim Lian, you should better hurry if you are looking for a luxurious residence in one of the top spots of Singapore in the region of Sengkang.

It is a stunning 8-storey apartment building divided into 15 units with 504 apartments in total. The society shares some of the features of its predecessors such as a swimming pool pavilion, greenery, underground parking and beautiful balcony view. Coming back to our main topic, there are plenty of other reasons in addition to discussed previously to live in Treasure Crest EC. Some of them are given below.

Basic Facilities

Basic facilities include health, education, and shopping malls. Any high-end residential area is incomplete without the presence of these basic facilities. Sengkang General Hospital is under construction and is expected to complete in 2018 but the good news is that it is located at stone’s throw from the apartments. Talking about the education, you will find at least 6 educational institutions in close proximity to the residence. These include primary, secondary and high schools. There are two shopping malls close by namely Rivervale Mall and Punggol Plaza.


Entertainment is important to lead a fresh and happy life. In addition to swimming pool and in-house restaurants, you can get refreshed at Sengkang Sports and Recreational Centre or go for kayaking in the floating wetlands.


Pricing starts from $700,000 minimum to $100,000 maximum per apartment. The rate varies depending on the number of bedrooms per apartment and extra facilities such as a study. But the price must not hold you back considering the standard of living the society is offering. Also, there are many other companies that are charging heavily for literally nothing.

Treasure Crest has also launched their official website. You can have a look at all the features the society has to offer. All of these are convincing reasons. Buying a new apartment is a once in a lifetime investment. Hope the article was helpful. Choose wisely and spend wisely, while living in Treasure Crest EC.


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