Yoshi & Birdo – 2 Loveable Characters in Mario Bros Saga

Yoshi & Birdo – 2 Loveable Characters in Mario Bros Saga


Mario’s best friend is a green dinosaur named Yoshi. He appeared for the first time in the game Super Mario World, although in the timeline of the series, it would be from Super Mario World 2: Yoshi’s Island the first time Mario and Yoshi meet, helping both him and his brother Luigi to arrive with their parents.

He officially appeared in the console NES in the game Yoshi. In the recent years, he has become quite popular appearing in Mario sports games, Mario Party series and Mario Kart series. No doubt Yoshi is an essential ally, as he has rescued one or two times the adult Mario.

In the game Super Mario 64, he gives 100 lives to Mario when he obtains the 120 stars; to find it, the player must use the cannon in the outskirts of the castle that is activated with the 120 stars, and must be fired towards the ceiling of the castle. After talking with Yoshi, Mario leaves a trail when he performs a triple jump.


It is a species of pink anthropomorphous dinosaur that appears like villain, but in fact it is only man that in America was censored of such form that end up being woman but in fact in Japan it continues being man, in several games of Mario. It is almost as popular as Yoshi.

His first appearance was in Super Mario Bros. 2 as an obstacle and since then he has become very popular and has appeared in several games like Mario Tennis 64, Mario Kart: Double Dash!, Mario Superstar Baseball and Mario Super Sluggers. His names like Yoshi is reduced to his name Birdo.

Birdo and Yoshi are very friendly, since Birdo became popular and in the majority of the games it has accompanied by Yoshi like Mario Kart: Double Dash!!. She is also a friend of Daisy, in Mario Tennis, they were a couple. Although at first, Birdo was an enemy, later, it appears more like an ally than like a villain.

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In this post, we have talked about the two lovely characters in the saga of Mario Bros. In fact, there is a host of the characters from Mario and it surely requires a dedicated blog or a website with a lot of pages to describe them all one by one.  I will see you with details of more characters from Mario in this blog.


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