Zojirushi SM-SA48-BA Review

Zojirushi SM-SA48-BA Review

Life seems to get complicated quickly if you cannot take your coffee with you. But if it spills, your precious drink can become a mortal enemy and nobody wants that. The solution to this problem is a good thermos for coffee, one that can keep your coffee hot, and you can easily drink.

It is one of the best cups I have tasted for small trips as well as long ones to keep drinks hot for long periods of time. This is a new and improved design of the last ones I used in the previous years. It has similar features and is very impressive, so it makes heat retention. To this are added a design with improved cover, in addition to being smaller and lighter and more comfortable and it very easy to open and drink using with one hand.

A rest of this size seems to be better spent. After spending so many hours looking for the best thermos I had in the market and considering more than 50 models, I can safely say that this is the best way to keep your drinks warm.

It has a robust and secure seal with simple security mechanism which has not defrauded us to keep our drinks at high temperatures. During testing giving a daily use, it has not been poured at all, and has not fallen any drop and it has also withstood the blows. Again, an attractive coffee thermos design based on the minimalism, and at the same time, it captures the people’s attention.

In the time I have considered this thermos, it has gained prominence on the online shops. In this new version, Zojirushi has continued to dominate respect to the other tests in heat retention. I have filled it with water at about 100 degrees of temperature in the brewing ranges to be realistic, as these are the recommended grades for good coffee. After that I tested every hour and a half to check the temperature.

At the end of the tests, the temperature dropped only about 20 degrees, which means you still notice how hot the coffee is after about 8 hours. The only one that can be bought was the old model of the own brand Zojirushi, but despite this I prefer SM-SA48 BA for everything I have been commenting.

While the original has provided me with better retention than the new version, the truth is that in the end, you do not care if they are a few degrees up or down. In addition, it weighs like two piles excluding any drinks you can put inside. Although it does not sound like much, for people who are carrying it out there can be something heavy.


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