Zojirushi SM-SA48-BA Stainless Steel Thermos Review

Zojirushi SM-SA48-BA Stainless Steel Thermos Review

Zojirushi thermos model SM-SA48 BA is lightweight with very compact design. Also when you open it, you cover less vision when you have it in the mouth. While with other models, the lid is locked and unlocked by pressing a button, making you drink without having to look. But in the new version, the size of the cover has been reduced, making it more comfortable to drink.

I have also found a secondary mechanism to prevent splashing. You only have to press the bolt in its corresponding position and you can guarantee that no liquid will spill from it. So it is convenient to put in a bag with valuables and letting go from one place to another without having to worries.

Zojirushi SM-SA48 BA thermos makes cleaning very easy. You can clean it with just a little water in it along with a little soap and a brush if necessary. It also has an interior that prevents gobs, so you avoid the undesirable odors and stains. And unlike its competitors, the cover can be removed to clean thoroughly so you can avoid the odors to be transferred later in the beverages you put in the thermos.

Although it is durable, it is true that some marks were left after I disposed of it a little on purpose. Doing this kind of testing is a fun thing to say. In addition, if you have to replace any parts in particular, do not worry because Zojirushi also sells parts if you want to go for restoring it. Well, you are backed by five-year limited warranty. There are different sizes for this models.

What about cold drinks?

Although we have not put much emphasis on keeping cold liquids because I am more interested in the thermo aspect, so it must be said that in case you want to use it for this, I have also tried it. For about 10 hours, it kept the temperature of cold water up to only 3-5 degrees. So if you are looking for a container of liquid that can preserve both hot and cold, you have found it.

Long-Term Use

After a constant use, my choice continues to enjoy the warm drinks is Zojirushi SM-SA48 BA. It has survived certain quotidian accidents and trips to the dishwasher without any decrease in performance, and has been used in bags and backpacks without spoiling anything.

I also believe that it is the most solid models, so I recommend you among all the models I have seen so far. Please, visit this useful resource for more information.


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