Helpful Advice for Good Dental Care

Helpful Advice for Good Dental Care

In this post, we will see what good dental habits are and what we have to do to avoid suffering from the discomfort in this important area of our body, the teeth, as it has so much influence in our body as well as our confidence.

Use Floss

There are certain erroneous beliefs about flossing and the most damaging of all of them is to think that it only serves to eliminate the remains of the food left in the teeth. In fact, good dental hygiene should have this instrument and there are several reasons why flossing can help you a lot.

The dental floss is used to clean both gums and interdental spaces. We have to take into account that, when brushing our teeth, we eliminate bacteria that form day to day, but these bacteria can also be placed between the teeth, for which it will be necessary that we use the dental floss at least once a week.

To make a good use of the dental floss, you must move it in a zigzag movement, in the direction of the gum, so that it can clean all the remains that may have accumulated by these spaces.

The Mouthwash

Another of the basic components of good dental hygiene is the mouthwash. It is an aqueous solution with which we rinse when we are finished brushing.

The first thing to know is that there are different types of mouthwash and you must choose the one that is right for you. There are anti-stains, with special protection for the gums and they will be especially advantageous for the people who wear dental appliances, implants or dentures.

When you are using rinsing after brushing, you will get the bacteria that reside in your mouth and have not been removed beforehand with the toothbrush are removed with this solution. It is important that you do not dilute it in water and keep it in your mouth for about 30 seconds. Also remember that you should be without food or drink for 30 minutes after use for greater effectiveness of mouthwash.

There is a misconception that mouthwash itches, but it is not true that the mouthwash has to itch. In fact, if it itches when used, it may be because it has a high alcohol content, which can lead to dryness in the oral tissues.


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