What are the Top Choices for RC Rock Crawlers?

What are the Top Choices for RC Rock Crawlers?

We all are well aware from the fact that the remote controlled cars are always fun to play with, they can be of any kind, but the urge to play with them never gets satisfied. This is why buddy you should start calling yourself a hobbyist, as I know just like me you are also in love with the RC rock crawlers.

No doubt that the RC rock crawlers delivers high quality fun, and by this I surely do mean that they give high speed, great control, fun performance, and a body that is break free, so what else can you ask for?. Surely the existence of the RC rock crawlers makes me more than Excited, and I love the way it crawls through different tracks, be it a custom made one, or natural areas.

Now, if you are in love with them, just like I am you will always be confused how you can choose one, no worries here I am giving you some model choices that will help you in order to choose the best one. Know that price, quality, build, battery power and control are the most important things here, and you should not compromise on them. So let’s get started.

Redcat Racing Everest-16 Crawler 

It is no doubt the best one present in the market right now, at many places you may find this model to be sold old, if that happens you must check out other sites. It is not a total thrasher. It is the real version of small sized real monster car, which makes it even better for people who are using it; you will fall in love with it. It is now available in different colors, which gives you a choice. It is way cheaper that saves a lot of money as well.

Axial 1/10 Yeti Rock Racer 

You can get the rough idea of its power just by its name, no doubt once you invest in it you will surely love to buy it again for someone close you want to gift it to. This also comes with a kit, with whose help you can customize different features of this crawler, such as color, speed and control. It is a quality piece of engineering that you will love without any doubt. It has top speed, so you are sure to win with this one.

With all these top RC rock crawler choices, you can surely get the best one.

When I first heard the word RC rock crawler, and saw some of its pictures I was so confused, that I couldn’t decide either it was for real humans or was just a hobby toy. But, as I spend some time on the Holy internet I found out that not only it is a small version of the real life monster trucks, but also there is a rage of RC rock crawler’s love in some people across this planet. Due to which they collect these small sized cars, and race them just like any other hobbyists will do. Here are some very important things that I must share with you about the RC rock crawlers.

What Are They?

They are basically the smaller versions of life sized monster trucks. They are controlled by radio frequency, and the best part about this is they are more like a craze rather than just a game object. The best RC rock crawler is more than a fun toy for its owner, not only it can be used to part in races but also played alone offers best experience. There is no need of making them very realistic like as the real life auto mobiles, but many of them are very realistic which amazes many people.

What Do They Do?

If you just think about a monster truck before thinking about them you will surely understand them much better. They are used to climb rough rocks, plains and other areas which are dangerous. If they flip over, they can get back on their own, isn’t that amazing?

What Is The Price?

If you are collecting from a series know they will cost you more, otherwise they are typically more expensive than a normal toy car, due to the extra features they have all over. The more expensive models have alloy made multi-link suspensions, axle, treading, road rash resistant body, huge tires as compared to its body frame and other mind blowing features that makes it a perfect piece of attraction.

Know that you will be pushing your crawler through hard situations, while testing its limits and durability, so don’t feel shy and let your inner rage out while you have the control in your hands. A crawler with good built quality always delivers the finest experience, they are built for speed even if you are not racing. With the passage of time surely you will get experience of selecting a RC rock crawler and operating it in the best way possible, so you can enjoy better.


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