What Services Does Electric Sullivan Offer?

What Services Does Electric Sullivan Offer?

Sullivan Electric Company is a highly reputed entity that offers efficient and effective services at very reasonable prices. The company’s impeccable reputation has been built over decades of high quality work imparted to a long list of satisfied customers. The company provides services mainly in the Greater Philadelphia Metro Area.

Sullivan Electric Company LLC has a widely diverse portfolio of industrial, commercial and residential electrical expertise. It employs a highly qualified professional team of dedicated electricians who are not only skilled in their areas but also carry years of experience behind them. The company handles electrical works pertaining to individual homes as well as businesses in an adroit and skillful manner.

No matter the size of the project, Sullivan Electric Company possess the requisite skills and expertise to carry it through within the stipulated time limit with the help of its licensed, bonded and insured team of electricians.

Sullivan Electric Company provides the following services;

  • Residential Services:
  • It offers free electrical estimates
  • New construction
  • Machines, Motors and cranes
  • Property Management
  • Renovation of buildings
  • Public Works

Sullivan Electric Company LLC has the skills and the manpower along with the resources that are required for carrying out commercial works since this large scale work is considerably different from general electrical work and requires a completely different set of expertise.

New construction work requires a lot of previous experience. The scope of the work is also unique. Sullivan Electrical Company carries out these projects with the help of its team of technicians so that it is completed to the utter satisfaction of the client.

Sullivan Electric Company LLC specializes in industrial and commercial work with a past experience in this field spanning over more than three decades. The team at the company knows and understands the requirements of the corporate client offers consultation, trouble shooting, installation and maintenance.

Currently, it has become a challenge to find the right electrician for offices. The company carried out all these works with the skill and expertise of most professional people in this business.

The Sullivan Electric Company is regarded as an innovator in the field of industrial electrics. It is able to work with every kind of equipment and with any manufacturing line. The company also accommodates out its work in such a manner that the production schedule of the client is not disturbed. The company is also reputed to complete all its work within the stipulated time.

Where renovation works are concerned, Sullivan electrical brings with it years of expertise in this field. It offers more than satisfactory services within the budget restraints of its clients resolving the specific needs of its clients. The company has experience in handling the works of NGOs, schools and community centers etc. It has also carried out projects for the Fire department and the Department of Defense. Family owned business is what has made us come on the top and we deliver the best services and customer care services.


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