5 Reasons Why Trade Shows are STILL a Great Marketing Tool

5 Reasons Why Trade Shows are STILL a Great Marketing Tool

A trade show is an event where businesses in a certain industry exhibit their latest services and products. It also allows business people to network with other companies in their industry and to meet prospects.

A trade show or fair is a traditional marketing technique that is still relevant today. A typical trade show incorporates networking events, speaker presentations, breakout sessions, award ceremonies, workshops, and press opportunities. Thus, you learn about the latest trends in your industry and build valuable relationships.

Trade Shows’ Value in This Digital Age

What role do trade shows play in this digital age of social media marketing, webinars, and search engine marketing? Today, many companies are concentrating on digital marketing since a large part of the population uses the internet. But a trade fair offers a high return on investment and shouldn’t be overlooked by any smart company.

Benefits of Trade Shows Nowadays (if Done Right)

  • A Great Face-to-Face Marketing Event

The best way to push a prospect into making a purchasing decision is to do it face-to-face. With email marketing, for instance, subscribers may be too busy to read or won’t be convinced to buy your new product.

A trade show allows you to talk about your product or service face-to-face to an interested party. It is not uncommon for companies to make several sales at the exhibition hall. 

  • Creates Lasting Impression About Your Business

Trade shows provide an opportunity to wow potential customers. How do you do this? First, ensure that your booth is well-designed to catch the attention of attendees. Once you have an audience around your both, come up with fun activities.

These could be contests where winners receive some of your products for free. Engaging existing and potential customers this way is a great way to improve brand awareness. It will leave a lasting impression on anyone who visits your booth.

  • Lead Gen Potential

Hundreds of or even thousands of people attend major trade shows, which means these events are great for lead generation. Almost everyone in the trade fair can be your customer. Start getting these potential leads into the sales funnel by asking for their information. 

Ask them to follow your social media pages or to subscribe to your weekly newsletter. Even if people don’t purchase your products at the booth, they’re likely to do so a few days later. Thus, let them know you will be contacting them soon.

  • Affordable Advertising and Networking Method

One of the most affordable ways of promoting your products and services is participating in a trade show. You only need to book booth space at the exhibition hall and pay for meals and accommodation in the city where the event is.

The conversion rate at a trade show is high since you are interacting with prospects one-on-one. A significant number of those who visit your both will make a sale. What’s more, you get to network with numerous executives in your industry at no extra cost.

  • Smaller Firms Can Compete Against the Larger Ones in Terms of Marketing

Trade fairs provide all companies with an equal opportunity, no matter the size. So if you have a small business, you don’t have to worry about the big boys.

All you need to do is rent a space at the trade show hall, design a great-looking booth, and encourage your target audience to attend the event. Large companies also follow the same procedure. Even if your company is still new, you can easily generate leads and make many sales at a trade fair.Having an attractive booth will help you draw prospects to your booth. If you need equipment and furniture rental service for the event, contact Can-West Display. Trade shows have one big advantage over digital marketing techniques like webinars – they allow face-to-face interactions with prospects. That is why it is still an effective way to promote your products and services.


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