7 Tips to Discover & Strengthen Resilience

7 Tips to Discover & Strengthen Resilience

While it is true that some people are more resilient than others, resilience is not something that some people have and others do not, but it is a set of skills that can be developed. To do this, you can do the following;

1 – Your Friends and Family

Develop a circle of close friends and good family relationships, because these are the people who will listen to you and support in difficult times, making it more resilient.

2 – Use a Constructive Thought

Think realistically and do not see the problems or crisis as terrible and unbearable disasters, but as challenges that you must overcome. Try to have a broad perspective and think that these problems will not last forever. Think you have enough capacity to address and find solutions and make no mistake of thinking.

3 – Develop Goals and Objectives

Set realistic goals to help you start changing things you want to change. Do something regularly, but only involve a small step in the direction you want to move.

4 – Act

When you stand before an adversity, you try to do everything you can but your attempts do not seem to lead anywhere. If you are acting it is because you are thinking of solutions. No matter if many of these solutions are ineffective, the important thing is that you are using your mind and you are acting and that will sooner or later find you achieve progress. If you do nothing, the problems will not disappear by magic.

5 – Trust Yourself!

Sometimes a problem is so intractable that it seems impossible for us to handle. This way of thinking can lead to a feeling of helplessness and being trapped helplessly, but you really do not know what you can do until you try. No matter how difficult it may seem at the moment, do not stop to think that sooner or later, you will find the way to a solution. That’s what it means to trust yourself and your own ability to face whatever life brings to you.

6 – Be optimistic, but still realistic!

Being optimistic means to expect good things to happen in your life, the situation will improve in the future, and you are able to control your life and make the necessary changes that life can bring wonderful moments to offset the bitter moments.

7 – Learn to Grow with Your Problems!

Problems are the challenges you meet in life and they actually push you to get the better of you, so be strong, think and find solutions to act. They often push you to change your point of view and make it broader and more flexible, making you grow up and making you see the world and others in a more realistic way.


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