The Best RC Crawlers You Must Get

The Best RC Crawlers You Must Get

Are you a person who loves RC crawlers, well you are just like me. Today there is no age and gender limit when it comes to racing and high speed limits. Now, you may be thinking why am I talking like this, it is because today here folks I am going to give you the best gift of your life, yes I am going to suggest you the best crawlers that are available in the market. As you can save money with them, and at the same time you can get the best experience from them. So why are we waiting? Let’s get started, shall we?

Redcat Racing Everest

No doubt, this is the best crawler that you can find on the market these days, it has a solid body which helps giving the complete structures a good suspension, so don’t worry if you are willing to use this one of the roughest tracks and trails. It is best suited for that and with this you can get the best experience all over. It is one third in size of the previous model, which ensures that you get good comfort with this one. Here are some pros that can help you get better use of this crawler, as no doubt you will love it for sure. It can crawl easily just like a spider on different areas, that will stun you and your friends. It is surely a great gift that you can gift yourself a younger person, as it offers you a lot of control.

Exceed RC MaxStone

As mentioned before this brand is known very much for producing the crawlers that everyone will love no matter what. Even if you are a kid and you are getting a new crawler or your first crawler this will be the best brand that you can choose from. Ok so let’s get back to this model and talk more. It is the best 1:10 scale crawler that you can find on the market, and another reason to why you must get this one, is that it has the perfect price that can let you save a ton of money, which you can invest on any other crawler of your choice. It makes a perfect professional choice, as it can run easily on any kind of trail, be it muddy or extremely rocky, this one will be your best friend without any doubt.

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The rage for RC crawlers will never end, and know that there is no reason to why it should it. If you are just like me, you love to expand your collection of RC crawlers whenever you can, and it makes you so happy that nothing else can do that for you.

As the year changes many brands are always introducing new models, in order to keep the people interested in the addiction. Doesn’t worry many of us are out there who doesn’t need new models as they are already so much pleased by what they already have. Just like me. So here I am going to share with you the best models in RC crawlers that you should get for yourself If you call yourself a RC crawler addict, these models differ in their features, prices and performance, so This article will may help you in order to choose one that can suit your budget as well as give you the features you are looking for. So let’s not wait any more and get started on the models I have for you here today.

Exceed RC Maxstone Rock Crawler 

If you want some high speed, then this is your only one option. It is highly affordable so that means you can enjoy buying it, on other hand it also makes a perfect gift, as it saves you money and has so many features offering to its user. It is bigger in its size that makes it even better to use and enjoy on the track. With getting this one you are sure to win, and it will help you to enjoy the comfort of easy control. You can also gift it to younger kid as it makes that perfect gift.

Axial 1/10 Yeti Rock Racer Ready To Run

It is one of the best in the market right now, no doubt in that. It comes with a motor and complete assembly kit that lets you customize it according to your choice. There is nothing in this that you will not love. Just with some adjustments you can change the basic features it has. Be that from the look, body and speed everything can be changed on this model. So this is something that you will surely love. Now you can read more reviews here and you will find one that you like for sure.


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