5 Functions of the President of Owner Association Management

5 Functions of the President of Owner Association Management

For the vast majority of homeowners, being president of the community is a real headache since it is a mandatory 365-day service which they want to finish as soon as possible. However, for others, it is a good opportunity to improve the situation to make changes for the common good of all neighbors, a real test of commitment. If it has happened to you to be president of your community of owners association, do you know what are the functions that must be performed?

There are seven main functions that a president of an owners association must play in representation of the community of the homeowners.

1 – Require Cessation of Nuisance Activities

In the event of a neighbor doing prohibited or disturbing activities i.e. noise, littering, smoking in common spaces, improper use of facilities, it will be the responsibility of the owners association president, either on his own initiative or at the request of any of the owners and/or tenants to require the cessation of such activities, under the warning of initiating any legal action that may proceed.

2 – Perform the Functions of Secretary

The functions of the secretary and the administrator are exercised by the president of the community unless the bylaws or the association of the owners by majority agreement, provide the provision of said positions separately from the presidency.

3 – Notice of Board of Owners

It will be the responsibility of the community president to call a meeting of owners association indicating the agenda, place, time and date of the meeting and whether it will be held on the first or second call. The owners association members should meet at least once a year for approval of budgets and annual accounts and also meet at the request of the chairman or when requested by a quarter of the owners. Before the meeting, the president must pick up the requests and suggestions from the owners to include them in the agenda whenever appropriate.

4 – Closing the Minutes

The president must close the minutes of the meeting of homeowners including his signature and of the secretary if there is a separate secretary within ten calendar days of the end of the meeting.

5 – Represent Community in Contracting of Works and Services

The president, by agreement in a meeting of owners, will be responsible for signing contracts for installation and/or maintenance of services such as cleaning, concierge, gardening, elevators, video surveillance, etc. It will also be the function of the president to contract services of an urgent nature for the community of owners such as repair of leaks, boiler failures, telephone set up, replacement of locks etc.


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